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  • Audio Interview with Katherine Michele Tanner

    6-30-15 Audio Interview with Katherine Michele Tanner

    Katherine Michele Tanner is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Raised by a family that encouraged all of the arts she was able to pursue every one of her passions. As a result she is an exceptional actress, dancer, musician (violin and piano), playwright/composer, singer and painter. Submerged in, and bouncing back and forth between her passions Katherine radiates a breathless exuberance and joy. Listen to this unique woman talk about her life which is brimming over with creativity and productivity and come see her extraordinary performance in The Amish Project at the Banyan Theater from 7/16-8/2.

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  • Audio Interview with Don Walker and Donna Gerdes

    6-23-2015 Audio Interview

    At the Banyan Theater this summer Don Walker stars in Art from 6/25-7/12 and directs My Old Lady with Donna Gerdes from 8/6-23 and Katherine Tanner reprises her extraordinary performance in The Amish Project from 7/16-8/2.

    Don Walker knew he wanted to act from the moment he stepped on stage in the third grade. And although he studied theater in college and graduate school, life made it necessary for him to use his other skills to make a living. Serendipitously, Don’s straight job relocated to Sarasota and after a hiatus of 26 years he risked the audition process (with knees a-knocking). Of course talented as he is he was immediately scooped up by local theaters and is once again able to “feed his heart and soul.” Listen to this gentle, self-deprecating man talk about the art (no pun intended) of acting and the plays he is performing in and directing this summer.

    Donna Gerdes was writing performing plays for family and friends by the time she was 5 or 6. Thinking she was going to be a doctor, Donna majored in Biology and Chemistry and minored in Drama in College. She won a singing competition whose prize was a month long Opera Workshop where she met a friend who said “move to NY with me, my voice teacher can get us jobs with a Gilbert and Sullivan company.” Terrified, but determined, Donna took a train to Penn Station. She and her friend did become Gilbert and Sullivan apprentices and “it just took off from there.” Donna got role after role in musicals in regional theaters around the country, until she met and married her husband and his 4 children. Believing that the children come first, Donna gave up the theater and had many prestigious jobs. But now free of those responsibilities she is back on the boards. Listen to this talented, resourceful, gentle woman talk about her passion for the theater, her deep sense of responsibility and her joy at once again being able to get on stage where she always knew she belonged.

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  • Interview with Actor and Artist Sara Morsey

    8/12/14 – Audio Interview

    Actor/artist Sara Morsey knew instinctively that the theater was calling her by the time she was six. Fortunately for Sara her parent’s believed in giving their little girl all the things they had been deprived of so Sara had dancing and acting lessons. A shy child, Sara loved these classes where she was able to follow the teacher’s instructions and be transformed first by dance and later by acting. Unfortunately for Sara these same parents never intended/expected their daughter to make a career of these frivolous things. Always obedient Sara became a dental hygienist. But finally with the support of friends and her own personal courage Sara convinced the University of Louisville to admit a dental hygienist with no formal acting training to enter their Master’s in Acting Program. Listen to Sara’s inspiring story and come see the result of her courageous struggle to become herself as she brilliantly co-stars in the Banyan Theater production of Collected Stories.

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  • Audio Interview with Cassandra Small

    7-29-14 Audio Interview

    Cassandra Small can do/has done everything. She has hosted a radio show, appeared in TV commercials and feature films, been a runway model, motivational speaker and member of a musical performance group, as well as an awarding winning actor. And she managed to balance all of this while maintaining a full time straight job and never losing sight of the needs of her family – her husband and 6 children. Remarkably Cassandra’s early life was filled with indecision and self-criticism about her inability to “stick to any one thing.” Listen to this bright, candid, amazing woman describe her journey to discovering the real Cassandra, and hear her tell the hilariously funny story of the way she became an actor. And come see her standout performance as the matriarch Weedy Warren in the Banyan Theater production of The Sty of the Blind Pig.

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