Interview with Actor and Artist Sara Morsey

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    8/12/14 – Audio Interview

    Actor/artist Sara Morsey knew instinctively that the theater was calling her by the time she was six. Fortunately for Sara her parent’s believed in giving their little girl all the things they had been deprived of so Sara had dancing and acting lessons. A shy child, Sara loved these classes where she was able to follow the teacher’s instructions and be transformed first by dance and later by acting. Unfortunately for Sara these same parents never intended/expected their daughter to make a career of these frivolous things. Always obedient Sara became a dental hygienist. But finally with the support of friends and her own personal courage Sara convinced the University of Louisville to admit a dental hygienist with no formal acting training to enter their Master’s in Acting Program. Listen to Sara’s inspiring story and come see the result of her courageous struggle to become herself as she brilliantly co-stars in the Banyan Theater production of Collected Stories.