• Interview with Photographer Clyde Bucher

    2-12-18 Interview

    2-12-18 Photographer Clyde Butcher got his first camera at six years old. He began taking pictures right away and got and much more sophisticated camera at nine, but he didn’t commit to a career as a photographer until after graduating from a rigorous degree in architecture (Clyde was one of only 13 to graduate from the 425 who’d begun the course with him). From then on his career is a patchwork of different mediums, clever creations, and many time outs. PBS aired a documentary about him, Visions of Florida, which won a Wolfson Award and with film producer Elam Stoltzfus Clyde collaborated on several multimedia projects as a result or which he hosted the several documentaries Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades and Kissimmee Basin: The Northern Everglades, films that highlighted the importance of conservation and art in the state of Florida. Listen to the way he “discovered the real Florida” which at 75 he is still documenting and advocating for. And come hear him speak about his career and see slides of his groundbreaking, eclectic work at the Venice Performing Arts Center (1 Indian Ave, Venice, FL‎ – (941) 218-3779) on Friday Feb 23rd at 7:00

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  • Interview with the extraordinary Wayne Adams Part 2

    12-12-17 Interview

    12-12-17 Part – 2 In this second part of my interview, Wayne Adams continues to relate his remarkable life. Listen to him describe his delightful meeting with legendary acting teacher Maggie Flannigan; and how his production of Ralph Pape’s Say Goodnight, Gracie directed by Austin Pendleton, resulted in his determination to bring Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company to Broadway; first in the production of True West with John Malkovich and Gary Sinise and then in the Lincoln Center production of And a Nightingale Sang with , Joan Allen. Wayne says “I’m interested in being the human being that I am,” and he reminds us that “life is taking chances, not doing what someone else thinks you should do but doing from yourself honestly according to your own instincts.” Listen and be inspired.

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  • Interview with Mark Smith

    Ocbtober 07, 2008

    What is Normal – In this show I caution against self-criticism, explaining that it’s a mistake to label any quality or behavior as bad, flawed or abnormal, since you can’t have any quality that the rest of us don’t have. I return to the theme of the benevolent presence of our unconscious in our everyday life and do a recap of the tricks our unconscious can use on our behalf. I play an interview with architect Mark Smith, who is not only smart and talented but very funny, and a cut from Lillette’s album of classical music.

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