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    Lynne has been a practicing psychotherapist for over 30 years. She is licensed in both California and Florida. Although an eclectic therapist, who will borrow from any theory or technique she finds useful, her theoretical base is family systems, which means that she sees her clients as part of a system

    Lynne believes that we decide very early who we need to be, but the person we decided we had to be does not necessarily contain all that we really are. She calls the image we project, our cover story, and believes that we hide parts of ourselves, undercover. Unfortunately it is often the very qualities we have hidden undercover which we need in order to live the best life possible for us, and so her work is often about helping people recover those hidden parts. She has written about these concepts in her book When You Can You Can You Will, and created a workbook to go along with it – you can download the first chapter of the audio book from this website.

    Another large part of Lynne’s work involves helping clients change the brain chemistry which is responsible for keeping old, undesirable behaviors in place. She talks about this in her radio show and you can hear her talk about it in the podcasts.

    For the first half of her career Lynne, like most psychotherapists, did her work in an office. For the past 15 or so years she has done this work primarily on the telephone. She’s written an article called Psychotherapy On The Go™ which describes this process and can also be downloaded here: “Psychotherapy on the GO™”.