• Interview with multi-talented Francine Achbar

    The Anatomy of an Artist Series with Lynne Bernfield

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    1-3-22 To start the New Year, I am airing an interview with Francine Achbar who created an uncommon life for a woman of her generation. Born in Ottawa, Canada, “a tiny claustrophobic Jewish community,” Francine launched herself into the wider world by enrolling in Boston University. Beginning her career as a newspaper reporter, she worked her way up to Executive Producer of News at WBZ-TV, Boston’s CBS station, then went to the Programming Dept. where she created documentaries and specials.  At every turn, instinctively knowing when she’d “had enough,” Francine simply quit, and moved on to the next thing. Finally finding herself where she was always meant to be, first, as Director of Development (a job she’d never done before) and then, Executive Director of Boston’s new Jewish Cultural arts organization, the  New Center for Arts and Culture,  now called JArts Collaborative from which she “retired.” But, of course, Francine could not retire from being productive. She tutored reading to  young  children in a Sarasota public school and spent 25 years  as panelist on the Public Radio quiz show Says You,  Which will broadcast its two farewell shows in September in Seattle and San Francisco.  Listen to this extraordinary woman describe the details of a full, exciting, challenging life in which she very definitely “met the moment.”

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  • Interview with Carrie Seidman who launches her new newsletter

    1-25=21 Carrie Seidman Passionate, talented and courageous Carrie Seidman is a dancer, a journalist, a cancer survivor, and parent of child with mental health issues. She discovered her passion for dance at three years old while watching her older sisters do what she was “too young “to do. Although assured that she could not begin to study until she was five Carrie managed to bully her teacher into letting her begin at “almost five.” And that tenacity is the hallmark of her life. Soft spoken and basically shy Carrie has a will of iron. She has survived everything life has thrown at her and emerged victorious. A graduate of Columbia University’s School of Journalism, Carrie has been a journalist for 40 years: a full time staff writer for the New York Times, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, Albuquerque Journal and Albuquerque Tribune. For the last 10 years she wrote and incredibly popular column for the Sarasota Herald Tribune. Now, she’s created a new venue for her writing. She says “ Well, thanks to popular demand, I’ve caved and set up a newsletter on to serve as a new platform for my writing and musings on Sarasota, community, family, creativity and connection. Please consider checking it out at and I’d be grateful if you’d spread the word. I have missed you my readers!!

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  • A Lynne Show Exclusive!

    Songs from the brand new musical Bonnie and Clyde, which it is hoped is headed from its run at the Asolo in Sarasota right to Broadway – A cast album has not yet been recorded so these songs don’t exist anywhere else, hear them before any one else. Also see photos from the Asolo production.

    Stay tuned – music and photos coming soon!

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