Audio Interview with Cassandra Small

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    7-29-14 Audio Interview

    Cassandra Small can do/has done everything. She has hosted a radio show, appeared in TV commercials and feature films, been a runway model, motivational speaker and member of a musical performance group, as well as an awarding winning actor. And she managed to balance all of this while maintaining a full time straight job and never losing sight of the needs of her family – her husband and 6 children. Remarkably Cassandra’s early life was filled with indecision and self-criticism about her inability to “stick to any one thing.” Listen to this bright, candid, amazing woman describe her journey to discovering the real Cassandra, and hear her tell the hilariously funny story of the way she became an actor. And come see her standout performance as the matriarch Weedy Warren in the Banyan Theater production of The Sty of the Blind Pig.