Concepts from Lynne’s Book

  • Lynne Bernfield at Bookstore1’s Book Fair 8-10-19 at 2:00

    7-15-19 Interview

    The Anatomy of an Artist Series with Lynne Bernfield

    7-29-19 Lynne Bernfield at Bookstore1’s Book Fair on August 10th at 2:00
    Come talk to Lynne and get a signed hardcover copy or audio version of her book.
    “When You Can You Will, why you can’t do what you want to and what to do about it.:

    Click on this link to hear her talk about the book

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    Lynne Bernfield at Bookstore1’s Book Fair 8-10-19 at 2:00

    And get to know all the Book Fair authors before the event at
    Teas Days 6517 Superior Avenue 6:00-7:00 on Thursday Aug 8th

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  • Introduction to the When You Can You Will audio book by Lynne Bernfield

    3-18-19 Interview

    4/1/19 On Sunday April 14th at 2:00 at Bookstore1 (12 S Palm Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236) Lynne Bernfield will discuss concepts in her book When You Can You Will which explain what stops people from changing. She says “When you can’t do what you want to do there is always a good reason.” Come discover the reason you haven’t been able to do what you want to do. Listen to the introduction to the When You Can You Will audiobook and call Bookstore1 at 941-365-7900 for reservations.

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  • Interview with Vivien Kalavaria

    8-21-12 –Interview

    There is no way to categorize Vivien Kalvaria. Born and raised in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and having lived on three continents, Vivien has had too many careers to enumerate here. As a young woman she was the weekend news director for a television station where, because of sanctions, many things had to be done undercover. She majored in theater at Trinity College in London and opened several drama studios in several countries where she taught acting for 15 years. She wrote her first book about the things she observed “off the court” as she traveled the world with her tennis star daughter. And her current book “ i Built – the House the Internet Built” is the result of her experience remodeling her entire house spectacularly using only materials purchased on the internet. Listen to the charming, delightful and funny Vivien Kalvaria and go to my website to see the video in which she tells you how you too can redecorate or remodel your home without ever leaving it.

    [youtube FTkxubZb_yU 604 364 autoplay=0 ]


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  • Interview with Kaylene McCaw

    7-24-12 – Interview

    Kaylene McCaw is a theater person who was encouraged from a very young age to pursue her interest in performing. Coming from a family who taught her that “life is about personal success, finding your bliss and becoming a better person,” Kaylene says that she “always knew she “was supposed to be happy!” She spent her childhood and school years indulging in every theatrical experience available to her. Her nickname was Broadway! She had a terrific time but after graduation discovered that she didn’t have the personality to pursue a career in theater. After a life of adventures Kaylene found herself the divorced mother of twin girls with no clear path to follow. Miraculously, she was offered the job of costumer at the Players Community Theater. “They just knew that I sewed” she said, they didn’t even know I had a theater background.” But they finally began to discover all of her talents and now she is not only costumer but actor, and co-producer of the Players “edgy” Black Box Theater. Come see Kaylene’s stand out performance in Lettuce and Lovage, playing on the Players main stage.

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  • How Jackie Peters Cully made history

    In anticipation on of Woman’s History Month listen to how Jackie Peters Cully made history

    2-28-12 – Interview

    By the time she was five Jackie knew that she would be – in fact already was – an artist. Her high school teacher told her to forget the fashion industry because no Negro could work there; Jackie “ignored her.” Flying in the face of convention, Jackie went to the Art Institute of Chicago, and then to Paris, and then to New York, where she not only proved her teacher wrong, but made history by becoming the first Black woman textile stylist, with a studio of her own. Listen to 82 year old Jackie talk about her life and be inspired by a woman who is still gleefully making art out or everything that comes into her hands.

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  • Interview with Dick Smothers – Part 1

    10-4-11 Re-broadcast of Interview with Dick Smothers – Part 1

    While I am in New York doing follow up interviews with the Cast and Creative Team of Bonnie and Clyde the Musical – which opens on Broadway December 2, 2011. I am re-broadcasting two of my favorite shows, both with the delightful Dickie Smothers. At the beginning of both shows I am talking about Brain Chemistry and how the chemicals our brain drops into our blood stream, cause us to think, feel and act in ways which, while once appropriate, even self-defensive, may have now become counterproductive. And what we can do about it.



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  • Undercover Qualities and Interview with Linda DiGabriele


    Discussion – Who are you? Are you the Cover Story you present? Do you know what aspects of yourself you might be keeping Undercover? Do you know which chemicals are being dropped into your bloodstream – and how they influence who you think you are and what you think you can do? – These are the things I am discussing in the first half of the show.

    Interview – Over the last 6 weeks I have focused on Florida State University’s Graduate Acting Program, which is housed in and supported by The Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota Florida. In this show I am airing an interview with Linda DiGabriele, who is the Asolo’s Managing Director. Listen to Linda’s passionate commitment to the arts – especially theater, which began when 6 year old Linda and her siblings and cousins hid behind make shift curtains, and put on plays for their parents. Hear how this courageous woman – who knew what she needed to do with her life, resisted her Mom’s suggestions that she have a fall-back plan. And how right she was!

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  • The 2011 Annual Newport, CA Jazz Party

    This year I was lucky enough to attend the 11th Annual Newport Jazz Party and not only hear some amazing music but interview some of our most talented (if not best known) jazz musicians. In the next few weeks I will be airing these interviews and playing cuts from each musicians CD’s.

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  • Interview with Brian Torfeh


    Discussion – Have you suspected that you could really have enjoyed sports, or writing or painting, but have somehow been unable to pursue these things? Are you aware that there might be aspects of you that you’ve been unable to surface, access and enjoy? Do you know what stops you, what might have caused you to hide some of yourself, from yourself? In this show I talk about why this happens, give an example and introduce the concept of The Relationship Contract …

    Review – Sharon Lesley reviews the farce Boeing Boeing currently on stage at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota FL Interview – Brian Torfeh stars in Boeing Boeing and also in La Bette, which run concurrently at the Asolo. Brian’s father rebelled against his parent’s wishes for him; he pretended to be studying engineering while actually pursuing acting. A wife an family made it impossible for him to continue as an actor, but this is what he hoped for his son. Brian did the opposite; he decided to study Law instead acting, as his Dad had hoped. But Brian really is and has always been an actor. Several years into college, his academic advisory pointed out that while he hadn’t taken any courses in his major, he had been in about 14 plays. Brian accepted who he really is and has never looked back.

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  • Interview with David Brunetti

    December 7, 2010

    Discussion – In this show I am recapping the concepts of Cover Story and Undercover. I explain that it can be dangerous to begin to recover denied parts of ourselves and I describe The Growing Edge, off of which we must leap whenever we attempt new behavior.

    Interview – David Brunetti says he was “just musical.” When their church gave David’s family the piano they were replacing, he simply sat down and began to “pick out songs.” His musical ability came easily and naturally but he majored in acting in university. And although he wanted to be “Al Pacino,” David just kept getting jobs a musical director. Finally realizing that he could combine his two talents, David created his coaching practice called Acting Songs. He wrote a book about his technique and while he is based in New York, David now teaches all over the world. In addition every year here is invited to teach a master class in “acting songs” at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota FL.

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  • Memorial to Charlie Prawdzik A Jazz Musician

    November 30, 2010

    This show is dedicated to the memory of Charlie Prawdzik, a musician’s musician. Looking more like an accountant than a jazz musician, when Charlie sat down at the piano you had no doubt that the music was going directly from his soul to his fingers. Able to play pretty much any song, in style, tempo or key Charlie made virtuosity look easy. And if you were a singer you wanted no one but Charlie backing you up. Listen to his self-effacing style and his wonderful music.

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  • Interview with Jennifer Logue

    November 16, 2010

    Discussion – In this show I continue to talk about our undercover qualities, why we have to put some of the most important things about ourselves undercover and how doing the Family Pie exercise can help you discover what you have had to hide undercover.

    Interview – Jennifer Logue is an actor, she has been an actor for as long as she can remember. She can recall her four year old self, doing commercials for her family, entertaining at the drop of a hat, pushing her brothers out of the way the minute the cameras starting to roll. Graduating from the 3 year “boot camp” at the Asolo Conservatory, and refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer Jennifer joined with 6 other Asolo Conservatory Graduates and started the Mad Dog Theater Company in NY. Listen to the passion, energy, and wit or this charming and talented young woman – get in on the ground floor of Mad Dog’s journey.

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  • Interview with Victoria Hulland

    October 26, 2010

    Interview with Principal Ballet Dancer with the Sarasota Ballet Co, Victoria Hulland.

    In this show I also include NY theater reviews of “Million $ Quartet”, “Memphis” and ” Freud’s Last Session”

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  • The Lynne Show – Interviews, Stories for Change and Music

    Lynne Bernfield: Therapist, Consultant, Speaker, Radio Show HostHosted by psychotherapist and author Lynne Bernfield, The Lynne Show is about discovering aspects of ourselves which we have had to deny. In it she talks about why this happens and what we can do to recover these denied parts. In her interview series called Anatomy of an Artist she interviews people who make their living or their life with their art.

    The Lynne Show is an eclectic mix of information, music, interviews and stories. It airs on the Tuesdays at 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time and again on Monday at 3:00 A.M. Eastern Time.

    How to subscribe to or Download shows (email, RSS Feed, iTunes etc.)


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  • Interview with Margaret Barbieri

    October 5, 2010

    • Discussion – In this show I revisit the Family Pie exercise and explain how it can help to identify your Cover Story.
    • Interview – Margaret Barbieri’s journey to her destiny – a life of ballet – began ironically at the Dr’s office. Thought to be a sickly child of 5, her mother took her to a Dr. who prescribed exercise, and suggested ballet. Margaret’s mother had never heard of ballet, but dutifully found a class for Margaret, and in that class Margaret found her life’s passion. Listen to the series of happenstances which – without much activity on Margaret’s part – led her inexorably to the life she “was meant to live.”

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  • Interview with Jack Gilhooley

    January 12, 2010

    Discussion – In this show I am beginning to talk about the danger we face when we begin to consider exposing the Undercover qualities we had carefully hidden away.

    Interview – Playwright Jack Gilhooley is a crusty, outspoken, interesting man with a dark vision and a passionate interest in history, which is demonstrated in his many, many plays. Jack was encouraged by his father to pursue a career in business and while it was instantly apparent both to Jack and the Wharton School that it wasn’t for him, it took him a while to realize that his passionate interest in plays, which he’d begun reading voraciously as a boy, was really what his life must be about. But having once started writing plays, nothing could stop him. “Writing a play is easy” he says, “it’s getting them on that’s hard.” Still jack perseveres. He is very definitely an example of someone who knows who he is, makes no apology for it, and steadfastly follows his path.

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  • Interview with Sue Kutno

    December 08, 2009

    Discussion – Continuing the discussion of our Undercover I tell the story of Donna, whose Cover Story of I don’t work for money, but for the good of my family and community, was making it impossible for her to get the job she badly needed and was endangering her financial security. And how she discovered what she called her invisible ink reason for not doing what she needed to do. I talk about how we can all begin to discover and then recover the Undercover qualities we once had to hide.

    InterviewSue Kutno says “many years ago when I was a child, before I remember, I was an artist!” and it is the truth. Sue was born bursting with creativity. Whatever art form she was exposed to, be it stained glass or petit point; she embraced it, expanded on it, and improved it. Her Art is everything from fused glass – about which she wrote a book which is used as a text by other teachers and carried in two museums gift shops, gardening, home remodeling or the creation of websites. A poster child for being yourself, Sue’s gregarious exuberance is contagious. Listening to her makes you want to go out and create something!

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  • Interview with Vicki Rollo

    December 01, 2009

    Discussion – Do you know all that you are? Do you realize that the way you have been behaving, the way you think of yourself, may only be a part of who you are – that there is really much more to you? In this show I am talking about the Undercover qualities which we have hidden, not only from others, but from ourselves as well. I tell the story of a client whose I must be conscientious Cover Story, and her inability to benefit from her I can be lazy Undercover was endangering her health and I describe one of the ways to uncover what you may have hidden Undercover.

    Interview Vicki Rollo is a graphic artist, maker of one-of-a-kind pieces of Jewelry and the owner of Heart’s Desire a unique boutique where you can purchase her not only her Jewelry, but one of a kind purses and matching jackets, designed by local artists, as well as the kind of clothing and art “which you cannot find in the mall.” Vicki’s story is unusual because it took many years for her to discover an Undercover talent she “didn’t know she had.” But having discovered it, she embraced, nurtured and ran with an explosion of creativity, which is even now looking for its next expression.

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  • Interview with Eva Slane

    November 17, 2009

    Discussion – You can discover so much about yourself by listening to the way you talk to and about yourself. We all have an ongoing internal dialogue – much of which is commentary on or about ourselves. In this show I give examples of the way that your inner commentary can highlight a Cover Story or uncover and Undercover…

    InterviewEva Slane, is the quintessential Patron of the Arts. She was honored this week by Sarasota Magazine as one this cities 28 most important people to the Arts. This is no small achievement in a city where almost everyone thinks of themselves as a supporter of the Arts. Eva has spent most of her 80 years dedicated to preserving the theater. Escaping at 10 years old from Vienna shortly after Kristallnacht, she and her parents finally arrived in New York City, the perfect place for a theater lover to land. Listen to how, in her late 70’s Eva has begun to explore her own artistic abilities, by participating in a writing project sponsored by the the Holocaust Museum in St Petersburg Fl, writing several short plays and even auditioning for a role as an actor. A role model for becoming who you really are, Eva is not only delightful but inspirational.

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  • Interview with Tome Cousin

    November 03, 2009

    Discussion – What are the stories that you tell about yourself? What are the stories you don’t tell about yourself. You can learn a great deal about your Cover Story – that which you present to the world, and your Undercover – that which you hide not only from the world, but from yourself as well, simply by becoming aware of those things you feel good about telling others and those things you prefer to keep secret.

    Interview Tome Cousin, tells the remarkable story of a series of coincidences which lead him, with no intention on his part, to a successful career as a dancer, singer, actor and now, as the Artistic Directing Supervisor of Susan Strohman’s musical “Contact,” which he has most recently brought to Sarasota Florida (listen next week to a review of “Contact.”) Exposed to music as a boy of 6 in order to address a problem of dyslexia, Tome discovered that he was a “natural mover.” But it took many more “coincidences,” before the “light bulb went on” and he thought “I can do that!” Then using the skills he learned at an all boys Catholic military High school (not exactly classical training for a performer), Tome developed his “natural” talents and there isn’t enough room here to begin to list his credits. Suffice it to say that once he found it – Tome became the he – he was meant to be.

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