Interview with Vicki Rollo

December 01, 2009

Discussion – Do you know all that you are? Do you realize that the way you have been behaving, the way you think of yourself, may only be a part of who you are – that there is really much more to you? In this show I am talking about the Undercover qualities which we have hidden, not only from others, but from ourselves as well. I tell the story of a client whose I must be conscientious Cover Story, and her inability to benefit from her I can be lazy Undercover was endangering her health and I describe one of the ways to uncover what you may have hidden Undercover.

Interview Vicki Rollo is a graphic artist, maker of one-of-a-kind pieces of Jewelry and the owner of Heart’s Desire a unique boutique where you can purchase her not only her Jewelry, but one of a kind purses and matching jackets, designed by local artists, as well as the kind of clothing and art “which you cannot find in the mall.” Vicki’s story is unusual because it took many years for her to discover an Undercover talent she “didn’t know she had.” But having discovered it, she embraced, nurtured and ran with an explosion of creativity, which is even now looking for its next expression.