Interview with Sue Kutno

December 08, 2009

Discussion – Continuing the discussion of our Undercover I tell the story of Donna, whose Cover Story of I don’t work for money, but for the good of my family and community, was making it impossible for her to get the job she badly needed and was endangering her financial security. And how she discovered what she called her invisible ink reason for not doing what she needed to do. I talk about how we can all begin to discover and then recover the Undercover qualities we once had to hide.

InterviewSue Kutno says “many years ago when I was a child, before I remember, I was an artist!” and it is the truth. Sue was born bursting with creativity. Whatever art form she was exposed to, be it stained glass or petit point; she embraced it, expanded on it, and improved it. Her Art is everything from fused glass – about which she wrote a book which is used as a text by other teachers and carried in two museums gift shops, gardening, home remodeling or the creation of websites. A poster child for being yourself, Sue’s gregarious exuberance is contagious. Listening to her makes you want to go out and create something!