Interview with Howie Kaye

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    5-6-14 – Audio Interview

    Howie Kaye is an actor; plays, musicals, he can do it all. But Howie didn’t choose to be an actor, “it chose him.” An elementary school music teacher suggested that he join the All Cities Boys Choir – Howie did. Then it was suggested that he enroll in the newly forming School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Howie did. Then he and several other boys were brought to audition for a role in the Equity production of Peter Pan – staring the very successful Sandy Duncan. Howie got the role and his equity card. At eleven years old, through apparently no fault of his own, Howie was professional actor. A working actor from then on Howie spent five years in the Broadway Company of Miss Saigon, come see him as the outrageous father of the ingénue in the delightful production of Tom Jones now playing at Florida Studio Theater.