Interview with Don Forston

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    5-13-14 – Audio Interview

    Don Forston always knew he would be an actor. As a small boy he made his parents, friends and classmates laugh; and his father told him that one day he would be “a show boy.” At seven years old he donned the costume of Green Eggs in a playground production of Green Eggs and Ham and the die was cast. 50 years later he can boast a career in which he has never gone more than a month without an acting job. It is a remarkable achievement but not surprising when you see and hear him on stage. Listen to Don talk about his commitment to this career which “captured and never let him go,” and about Hero, the beautiful, touching, delightful play by Aaron Thielen which is currently running at the Asolo Repertory Theatre and in which Don says he is playing “the best role he’s ever had.” Also hear snatches of the wonderful score by Michael Mahler.