Interview with Sheldon Rhoden – Marvin Gaye

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    11-26-18 Interview

    11-25-18 – By popular demand Sheldon Rhoden is reprising his role as the iconic performer Marvin Gaye in the Westcoast Black Theater Troupe’s next production, Marvin Gaye – Prince of Soul. Sheldon clearly remembers the very first time he sang in public. He was six years old and singing in front of his church congregation. He sang with his eyes closed, simply concentrating on the song. When he opened his eyes he was surprised to see the reaction of the congregation – they were smiling. Sheldon can still remember the delicious feeling of bringing a smile to the faces of his audience. Today he is still motivated by his desire to use his gift to make people smile. Listen to this thoughtful young man talk about his intention to bring pleasure and joy wherever he can, and to strive always to be better. And come to see Marvin Gaye – Prince of Soul and let Sheldon put a smile on your face.