Interview with Jo Morello

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    8-13-13 — Audio Interview

    Jo Morello has always been a writer. She got her first job at 8 years old when, in the 3rd grade, she assigned to write the School Page for her parochial school newspaper. But Jo’s nature ran counter to the dictates of her culture, she wanted to do many things that the boys/men were allowed to do but the girls/women were not allowed to do; study medicine, get married when she wanted to. She confronted many obstacles as she tried to be who she really is. She had many “fights.” She won some and she lost some but she never stopped fighting. Listen to the many identities Jo carved out for herself, including the most recent, that of playwright for which she is receiving a lot of recognition. And come to a reading of her play Ma, Moonflowers and Me, a comedy for people old enough to know better at the Players Community Theater on August 13th.