Interview with Jeremy Jordan

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    11-22-11 Interview

    Jeremy Jordan is charismatic bad boy Clyde Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde the Musical, which is now in preview and will be opening on Broadway 12/1/11, but he didn’t intend to be an actor. From the beginning Jeremy could sing and his Mom encouraged him to audition for shows at the community theater, but his first auditions were “horrible” and he “couldn’t even get cast in Peter Pan or Oliver Twist.” But he didn’t mind because he was a really good student and thought he was going to be an engineer. Just before his junior year in high school Jeremy attended a prestigious conference to jump-start his engineering career and realized that he had no interest in the field. As he says, “when you go for your career and return remembering only a couple of pretty faces, you know something is wrong.” Not knowing what he was going to do with his life Jeremy let life lead him. He sang in chorus in school and was heard by someone who offered him a role in a play. Jeremy was hooked and knew that this was the life he was meant for. And it must be true because at 26 he’s already had starring roles in Grease and West Side Story, Newses and now, he will be creating the role of Clyde Barrow, Listen to Jeremy describes the difference between telling people you are an actor (before you’ve had any success) and then when you can say you’re on Broadway….and hear the many sides of Clyde Barrow and the multi talents of Jeremy Jordan as he sings 2 songs from the show.