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  • Interview with writer Steve Drukman

    5-10-2011 Interview

    At age 3 or 4 Steve Drukman discovered that fiction – something unreal – could change a person’s attitude and feelings. Of course, as he says, he didn’t have either the words or the sophistication to think of it in those terms, but the experience that showed him this irrefutable truth is still clear in his mind. Recognizing early the importance that words, ideas and writing had to him, Steve pursued several jobs/careers: acting, teaching, journalism. But while trying to decide if he was a “journalist or a scholar” a play “emerged out of his unconscious,” and he understood finally that he is a playwright. The Innocents, his clever and interesting play about the many possibilities of love, marriage and family is currently having its debut performance at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota FL Listen to this thoughtful, philosophical, interesting man tell the story of his journey to discover himself.

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  • Interview with Actor Jason Bradley

    March 1, 2011

    Jason Bradley grew up in rural Wisconsin and spent his childhood running through the forest behind his house with his friends making up stories to act out. He says it was the freedom to play and the imagination that fueled this play that has stayed with him and allowed him to become the remarkable actor he is. Of course being exposed to an intensive acting and stage craft program in his rural Wisconsin high school, made it possible for him (and all of his high school friends) to discover that theater was where they belonged. Listen to Sharon Leslie’s review of Jason in the Asolo production of Boeing Boeing, and Jason’s charming and self-deprecating acceptance of his talent.

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  • Interview with Brian Torfeh


    Discussion – Have you suspected that you could really have enjoyed sports, or writing or painting, but have somehow been unable to pursue these things? Are you aware that there might be aspects of you that you’ve been unable to surface, access and enjoy? Do you know what stops you, what might have caused you to hide some of yourself, from yourself? In this show I talk about why this happens, give an example and introduce the concept of The Relationship Contract …

    Review – Sharon Lesley reviews the farce Boeing Boeing currently on stage at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota FL Interview – Brian Torfeh stars in Boeing Boeing and also in La Bette, which run concurrently at the Asolo. Brian’s father rebelled against his parent’s wishes for him; he pretended to be studying engineering while actually pursuing acting. A wife an family made it impossible for him to continue as an actor, but this is what he hoped for his son. Brian did the opposite; he decided to study Law instead acting, as his Dad had hoped. But Brian really is and has always been an actor. Several years into college, his academic advisory pointed out that while he hadn’t taken any courses in his major, he had been in about 14 plays. Brian accepted who he really is and has never looked back.

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  • Interview with David Hirson

    February 1, 2011

    David Hirson doesn’t know when he decided that he was a writer because looking back it seems that he was always a writer; by the age of 10 he was “filling notebooks with ideas and thinking about what he wanted to write. “ He thought of it as “playing.” At 27, David decided to write his first play. Thinking that, as a first time playwright he had do something unusual if he was going to get anyone’s attention, David chose to do something that no one had done; to write a play all in rhyming couplet. The result was La Bette, which not only won the Tony but has continued to play all over the world; most recently in London and New York, and now at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota. Listen to this thoughtful and compelling interview which chronicles the remarkable story of La Bette’s creation, journey to Broadway and the way in which it impacted David’s life.

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  • Interview with Jimmy Clark

    January 25, 2011

    Interview – At about 5 years old Jimmy Clark saw the movie of A Midsummer Nights Dream and told his mom “that’s where I want to live.” Lucky Jimmy was surrounded both at home and in school by people who really saw him and didn’t try to force him to be something he was not. A very unique high school teacher recognizing that Jimmy wasn’t going to do any homework offered to pass him if Jimmy read everything he suggested and answered questions about what he’d read. Upon graduation from high school his mother told Jimmy that he’d “never make a living and so he had to find a way to survive as a bum,” so Jimmy was able to look for what he really was, what worked for him. He found it in the drama dept in college and he never looked back. And after a varied and successful career on stage on television, Jimmy is today a valued member of the Asolo Repertory Company in Sarasota FL, Currently turning in an amazing performance in 12 Angry Men.

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  • Interview with Danny Scheie

    January 18, 2011

    Interview – Danny Scheie (pronounced Shay) was 4 or 5 years old when his parents took him to see Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins and when he saw her dancing with a cartoon penguin he thought “I must do that!” When family friends asked him to sing a song, he sang the entire score of a show, so Danny was a performer from the very beginning. Although his parents tried to dissuade him from a career as an actor, Danny says that even as a little kid Danny he was “driven to perform.” At present Danny is appearing as Valere in the Asolo Repertory Company production of La Bette. It is a role which very few people can play and Danny is brilliant in it. In this interview, Danny is not only funny and charming but thoughtful and philosophical, making this not only a delightful and endearing but terrifically interesting interview. For a lively discussion of the intent of the play, La Bette, listen to Bryan Torfeh’s interview next month

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  • Interview with David Brunetti

    December 7, 2010

    Discussion – In this show I am recapping the concepts of Cover Story and Undercover. I explain that it can be dangerous to begin to recover denied parts of ourselves and I describe The Growing Edge, off of which we must leap whenever we attempt new behavior.

    Interview – David Brunetti says he was “just musical.” When their church gave David’s family the piano they were replacing, he simply sat down and began to “pick out songs.” His musical ability came easily and naturally but he majored in acting in university. And although he wanted to be “Al Pacino,” David just kept getting jobs a musical director. Finally realizing that he could combine his two talents, David created his coaching practice called Acting Songs. He wrote a book about his technique and while he is based in New York, David now teaches all over the world. In addition every year here is invited to teach a master class in “acting songs” at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota FL.

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  • A Lynne Show Exclusive!

    Songs from the brand new musical Bonnie and Clyde, which it is hoped is headed from its run at the Asolo in Sarasota right to Broadway – A cast album has not yet been recorded so these songs don’t exist anywhere else, hear them before any one else. Also see photos from the Asolo production.

    Stay tuned – music and photos coming soon!

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  • Interview with Michael Joseph Mitchell

    February 23, 2010

    Michael Joseph Mitchell is a lucky guy and the Asolo is lucky to have him. The 3 roles he is playing in this Asolo Repertory Theatre season were to go to a member of the company who got a role in a touring company production of “Spring Awakening,” and in an open call audition Michael was chosen to replace him. Discovering the thrill of being on stage in a third grade Christmas play, and then being fortunate to have a teacher in high school “drag him into an audition for a school play” where he discovered “the only thing I really do well.,” and set the course for his life.

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  • Interview with Doug Jones

    February 16, 2010

    Doug Jones began his life in Costa Rica, speaking Spanish. He was 3 years old when his family returned to the US and to help him learn English they put him in a little drama class. He did his first play at age 4 and as he says “he was doomed.” This began a life in the theater and the creation of a very thoughtful philosophy of what it means to be an actor. A pivotal player in the Asolo Repertory Company Doug is always playing many and varied roles in their productions, but none as varied and demanding as those he is playing this season. The self-effacing, busybody Sipos is the delightful production of “Perfume Shop.” And the tormented Don Waldman – struggling to make peace with his experiences in World War ll, in the compelling drama “Hearts.”. Listen to how a pro creates two distinctly different and wonderfully believable characters.

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  • Interview with Kris Danford and Sam Osheroff

    February 09, 2010

    Discussion – One of the ways to discover the danger that might be stopping you from discovering the parts of yourself which you had to hide is to explore your Catastrophic Expectations. In this show I will discuss this concept and explain how to find your Catastrophic Expectation.

    InterviewKris Danford and Sam Osheroff are husband and wife, talented actors and co stars in two plays running in repertory at the Asolo. In Searching For Eden they play Adam and Eve. The first act takes place in Eden as they discover themselves, each other and of course are banished. This act explores the stereotypical differences between men and woman. The second act sees a modern Adam and Eve, no longer in Eden, trying to maintain their relationship amid the stresses of modern life. Five Years After is the story of a couple who find each other, fall in love and then fall apart. There are many interesting twists in this play which is done completely in wonderfully clever and poignant songs by two talented actor/singers. There is a special advantage to seeing a married couple play lovers and of course it is that they are – and so they bring to these performances something that no other actors no matter how talented can bring – they bring the truth…

    In the next two shows I am airing interviews with two actors who appear in 3 of the shows currently at the Asolo, as well as Sharon’s Lesley’s reviews of two of those shows. The very first English language production of “Perfume Shop” the play which was the source for the movie’s “The shop around the corner,” “In the Good Old Summer Time,” and “You’ve Got Mail,” as well as the musical “She Loves Me.” And “Hearts” and little known powerful play about Don Waldman and the impact that being a young soldier fighting in World War ll had on the rest of his life.

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  • Interview with Michael Donald Edwards

    February 02, 2010

    Discussion – Is there a danger attached to discovering those parts of you which you have had to hide undercover? Are there consequences, of which you are consciously unaware, to discovering aspects of yourself that you have hidden (even from yourself) or to making certain changes in your life? In this show I talk about the existence of these dangers and how to unearth them so you can be “all that you can be.”

    Interview Michael Donald Edwards is the producing artistic director of the Asolo Theater and in this show he talks about his production (he directed) of The Life of Galileo. In our last interview, Michael talked extensively about his interest in the impact of religion on us and our culture. This interview follows that one and in it Michael explains why he was drawn to Galileo’s story and why he thinks this play and Paul Whitworth’s extraordinary performance are a must see. In this show I am also airing Sharon Lesley’s review of the play – listen to see if she agrees.

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  • Review of ‘Contact’ and Interview with Iain Webb

    November 10, 2009

    I’m dedicating this show to a review by Sharon Leslie of the Tony Award winning musical “Contact,” which celebrates its 10th anniversary with a collaboration between the Asolo Repertory Company and the Sarasota Ballet Company at the Asolo Theater in Sarasota Florida till November 22nd. And an Interview with Iain Webb, Director of the Sarasota Ballet Company Iain has danced all over the world, with many of the world’s most prestigious companies. Because his career has connected him with some the ballet world’s greatest choreographers he is able to bring their works to Sarasota, making this season as remarkable as it is exciting. Iain’s story is compelling. Hear how a real live Billy Elliot found, protected and nurtured his dream of becoming a ballet dancer.

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  • Interview with Tony Walton

    April 07, 2009

    In this show I introduce the concept of The Great Trait Swap and explain how difficult it can be to give up a role you’ve been assigned and take on a quality that had been assigned to another family member. I also air my interview with 3 times Tony Award winner, world famous scenic designer Tony Walton and air Sharon Lesley’s review of George Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple which he directed for the Asolo repertory theater in Sarasota.

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  • Interviews with Carolyn Michel and Howard Millman

    February 22, 2009

    Here I begin to describe how brain chemistry can be altered, and air Sharon’s reviews of The Imaginary Invalid and Visiting Mr. Green currently playing at the Asolo Rep, and also play parts of my interviews with Carolyn Michel, star of Invalid, & her husband Howard Millman, director of Mister Green.

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