Interview with Doug Jones

February 16, 2010

Doug Jones began his life in Costa Rica, speaking Spanish. He was 3 years old when his family returned to the US and to help him learn English they put him in a little drama class. He did his first play at age 4 and as he says “he was doomed.” This began a life in the theater and the creation of a very thoughtful philosophy of what it means to be an actor. A pivotal player in the Asolo Repertory Company Doug is always playing many and varied roles in their productions, but none as varied and demanding as those he is playing this season. The self-effacing, busybody Sipos is the delightful production of “Perfume Shop.” And the tormented Don Waldman – struggling to make peace with his experiences in World War ll, in the compelling drama “Hearts.”. Listen to how a pro creates two distinctly different and wonderfully believable characters.