• Interview with Journalist, poet, bookstore owner Georgia Court

    12-3-18 Interview

    12/3/18 Georgia Court’s parents loved the spoken and written word, were concerned about politics and believed in the importance of honesty and integrity. Although Georgia made several different career choice: she was a systems engineer at IBM, Marketing Manager at WCET, owned her own PR firm, taught writing in the English Dept at the University of Cincinnati, is a passionate poet, and created Bookstore1, the through line in her life and her work has been her unwavering concern about truth and integrity. Currently she is shepherding Bookstore1 in Sarasota where she is dedicated to creating a place where the community can get what it needs, and so can she. Listen to her talk about the unique opportunities Bookstore1 offers and come to the culmination of their Bridge to Japan Celebration on December 9th at 11:00 to see author Jay Rubin, who is one of the main translators of Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami, talk about translating Japanese into English.

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  • Interview with entrepreneur, consultant, author and public speaker and Sensei George Schofield

    10-22-18 Interview

    10/22/18 George Schofield is an entrepreneur, consultant, author and public speaker, but that is not all. As a single parent he raised his small sons, and has zealously studied Sogetsu Ikebana, the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging. Listen to him describe his realization that he had spent his life learning those things knew he didn’t know, and now wanted to discover “what he didn’t know he didn’t know” Always attracted to the beautiful and elegant George joined The Sarasota Chapter of Ikebana International where he studies with Sensei, Patricia Bonarek. Typically he progressed quickly through the rankings, is now an accredited Sogetsu Ikebana Instructor (Sensei), and has achieved a Japanese name. On Thursday Nov 11th at 11:00 AM, as part of Bookstore1’s Bridge to Japan: A Celebration of Japanese Culture, George will perform a ceremony, creating a Sogetsu Ikebana flower arrangement for the store window. Listen to this atypical, thoughtful, interesting man talk about a life dedicated to pursuing personal growth as well as helping others achieve their best possible life. And come to Bookstore1 12 South Palm Ave, (365-7900) to see George demonstrate this ancient art 7900

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  • Part 3 – Interview with actor, author, lecturer, editor, reggae archivist, photographer and, producer Roger Steffens

    9-1718 Interview

    9/17/18 Part 3 of my interview with Roger Steffins begins with his description of how he discovered Bob Marley and Reggae Music and how this discovery became a lifelong obsession. Today his collection of records, posters and other memorabilia, is the largest in the world. Hear about his frustrating campaign to establish an archive of this collection as the Museum of Reggae Music in Jamaica. Then he describes his years of doing a radio show on MPR, the creation of the Reggae/African Music newsletter which lasted 28 years and had as many as 60,000 subscribers, his relationships with film greats Waldo Salt, Bill Link and John Ritter which led to his career as an actor and narrator of film, audio books and documentaries.

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  • Part 2 – Interview with actor, author, lecturer, editor, reggae archivist, photographer and, producer Roger Steffens

    9-10-18 Interview

    9/10/18 The radicalization of Roger Steffins. Part 2 of my 3 Part interview with Roger takes him through his service in the army during the Vietnam War. Listen to Roger describe his extraordinary experiences, including; training in Psyops, having had the Tet Offensive happen all around him, and being responsible for tons of food and clothing delivered to displaced refugees. Listen to him talk about the impact his war-time experience had on his beliefs, the life he then chose to lead as a result, and the work it spawned. This segment ends with my asking Roger about his relationship with the legendary Bob Marley.

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  • Interview with actor, author, lecturer, editor, reggae archivist, photographer and, producer Roger Steffins Part 1

    9-3-18 Interview

    9/3/18 This is the first of a 3 part interview with the indescribable Roger Steffins. It seems impossible that one person would have had the time, energy or talent to care about and/or do all the things that Roger has both cared about and done. Truly Roger demonstrates what we humans are capable of, but which few achieve. In this segment Roger describes his early love of, interest in, passion for all things visual which begins at the age of 5 with stamp collecting, all things written, beginning with newspapers, he wrote his first newspaper at seven both the copy and the editorial cartoon, and the serendipitous way in which he created his one man show “Poetry for people who hate poetry”’ which took him all over the world. This segment ends with my asking Roger if he was drafted during the Viet Nam war.

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  • Interview with Eliza Ladd

    2-11-19 Interview

    Many artists describe themselves and their work with one or a few adjectives, they’re a writer, a painter, a musician, an actor, a singer, a dancer; they work with light or sound or design. Eliza Ladd uses all these adjectives and more to describe herself and her art. She has spent her life exploring every possible way a person can express themselves creatively. Although she didn’t know how she was going to use all the skills she pursued, Eliza followed her curiosity and instinct and has created an art which synthesizes all of the skills she studied, trained in and developed. Listen to this spontaneous, guileless, breathless woman describe a journey for which there was no roadmap, a life in which she had to be her own guide and in which she created an Art which is uniquely her own

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  • Interview with Arthur Keyser – Before Steepletop

    8-20-18-23-18 Interview

    8/2018 Arthur Keyser is a playwright but he didn’t know it until he was eighty years old. Born to deaf parents who were unable to guide their children, Arthur and his brother had to find their own way. Arthur discovered and fell in love with theater “by accident” when he was fourteen, but never thought of writing for it. A voracious reader and naturally gifted writer he decided on the law as a career. In retirement he volunteered for a senior citizen acting company at the Players Theater. A director, having read something Arthur wrote, suggested that he write a play. With the diligence and attention to detail that made him a successful attorney, he “read every book he could find on the art of play writing.” And it paid off. Some 30- 50 plays later he is being performed all over the country. Now, as he approaches ninety, his play “Before Steepletop,” which won last year’s new play reading festival at the Players Theater, is running there from 8/21- 8/26.

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  • Interview with Actor, Dancer, Singer, Writer, Educator Marie Thomas-Foster

    5-14-18 Interview
    5-14-18 Marie Thomas-Foster knew by the time she was twelve years old that she didn’t want to follow in her families tradition – and become a teacher – she wanted to perform. She began taking dance lessons as soon as she could and convinced her friends to create “shows” in which they sang and danced. She misled her mother into thinking she was majoring in Education when she was actually studying Theater. And her determination paid off as her career has taken her to roles on Stage and Screen (big and little). But apparently the power of her early training never quite left her as she also taught theater at the City College of New York and created Theater Workshop where she gave hundreds of youngsters and opportunity to learn to sing and dance and act. Today she is staring in Having Her Say at the Goodman Theater in Chicago directed by Chuck Smith.

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  • Interview with Actor Joe Casey

    4-2-18 Interview

    4-2-18 Actor, singer, dancer, musician Joe Casey brings his talents once again to Florida Studio theater’s cabaret, this time in Blue Suede Shoes where he gets a chance to play guitars and sing Elvis’s songs. In this interview Joe tells us that he was interested in everything; he wanted to be a scientist and a detective, he picked up the piano and the guitar, he painted in oils, and wrote music. Finally unable to choose amongst his interests Joe decided that as an actor to he could be all of these things. Listen to this charming, clever man tell the story of his path and come see him do justice to Elvis and all the other early Rock and Roller’s, in FST’s Blue Suede Shoes.

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  • Interview with Dancer, Singer, Director, Writer Carole Schweid

    10-17-17 Interview

    2-17-18 The multi-talented Carole Schweid began taking dance classes at six and continued studying through the grueling program at Julliard. But by then she had already discovered her interest in and talent for acting and singing, and her passion for plays. Listen to the delightful story of how she got her first Broadway show – Minnie’s Boys, and the life changing experience of being part of the company of the iconic show A Chorus Line. But performing was not enough for Carole and in addition to raising her two sons, Carole and her partner Nancy Diamond created the hugely-successful Play with Your Food, a truly unique theater experience, and the basis for her newly published book Staged Readings – Magic. Listen to Carole’s funny, charming, disarming story, hear her describe how she went from someone who was “dancing from the minute she could walk,” to the singer, actor, writer, director, choreographer, producer, and author she became and see the flyer below describing a book everyone in or interested in theater should own. #chorusline #playwithyourfood #stagedreadings

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  • Interview with story teller Dan Leary

    1-29-18 Interview

    1-29-18 From the time he was “smaller than a pickle,” Dan Leary’s mother told him stories of the amazing Sir Dan and his adventures. So is it any wonder that he grew up to love, invent and tell stories himself. Listen to Dan describe a childhood full of stories and poetry and come and see the result of all that training and love of stories when Dan presents The Sleeping Child a one man performance of his own invention at the SaraSolo Festival on Sunday Feb 3rd at 3:00 at Crocker Memorial Church

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  • Interview with Actor, Writer, Director George Tynan Crowley

    1-22-18 Interview

    1-22-18 3-9-16 George Tynan Crowley had a mystical experience at the age of 7 when he spontaneously volunteered to read the prayer at communion and knew that he was meant to “speak out.” From then on he followed this path to speak out by becoming an actor, director, writer, and producer. Listen to this charming, articulate man talk about his work in theater and film, his belief in the power of theater to transform lives and his personal philosophy of life. And come see him Heisenberg the current production at Florida Studio Theater

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  • Interview with Novelist Elizabeth Sims

    8-29-17 Interview
    Elizabeth Sims was born to be a writer, but it took her a long time to embrace it. Beginning with the stories her beloved Dad told her as she sat on his knee, Elizabeth was drawn to and excited by words and stories. Having bought the conventional wisdom that it is “almost impossible for a writer to get published, get any recognition or make a living,” she pursued many other occupations. But while selling books at a Borders Bookstore she realized that she “could write as well as the authors she was selling,” and she was right. She took the risk and wrote her first novel – which was published. Since then she’s published nine books from two crime fiction series. She is member of the Mystery Writers of America, Novelists, Inc. She was a correspondent for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, is a contributing editor at Writer’s Digest magazine and a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at writer’s conferences and retreats around North America. Hoping to help others who have been dissuaded from pursing their dream of being a writer by the conventional wisdom, she wrote You’ve Got a Book in You: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams, and is a mentor and a coach to new and aspiring writers. Listen to her story and be inspired. .

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  • Interview with Bill Oser

    8-2-16 Interview
    2-25-17 Jack of many trades and master of each Bill Oser is very difficult to characterize. Having fallen in love with show tunes as a toddler, been cast in professional productions at nine and scored his equity card at sixteen, Bill spent much of his life “treading the boards.” But one identity would never be enough for Bill. Listen to this exuberant, eclectic man describe a very unusual life and read his theater reviews on talkin Broadway

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  • Interview with writer, director, educator, Brad Battersby Part 1


    5-30-17 Part 1
    Emulating his architect father, Bradley Battersby began drawing as a very small child but it was his 7th grade art teacher who showed him the potential magic of film. Listen to this dedicated, passionate man talk about how he and his father communicated with blocks, and describe the innovative, out of the box experience his art teacher provided for her class – the experience which turned Brad into a film maker. In the first part of our two part interview follow the twists and turns of his career as he pursued his dream of becoming a film maker and making the perfect film.

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  • Interview with Dramaturg Lauryn Sasso

    8-2-16 Interview

    11-29-16 Lauryn Sasso discovered her passion for theater at 3 years old when she saw Peter Pan and believed she would pursue her love of theater as an actor. But luckily someone suggested she consider a career in Dramaturgy. Listen to Lauryn describe how she felt when she realized that being a dramaturg was the perfect job for her. Having received her BA in Theatre Studies from Wellesley College and her MFA in Dramaturgy from UMass Amherst, she is now in her 11th season as dramaturg for the Asolo Rep theatre’s mainstage productions and New Stages education tours. Lauryn has many and varied responsibilities. She works as a casting associate, moderates the discussion series Inside Asolo Rep and was Festival Curator for Asolo Rep’s Unplugged Festival of New Work. And she co-adapted 2013’s New Stages Romeo & Juliet with director Dmitry Troyanovsky.

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  • Interview with Annie Morrison

    3-29-16 Audio Interview

    Multi-talented actor, singer, dance, writer, producer and advocate Annie Morrison’s, career includes standout Broadway and Cabaret performances. She won The 2010 John Ringling Towers Fund Award and the Best Actress Award at the 2012 United Solo Festival for her one woman show which inspired her to join with Blake Walton and David Coyle to create Sarasolo – a one person solo festival in Sarasota FL. She has also won the Theatre World Award©, a Drama Desk Award© Nomination, the Drama-Logue, SAMMY, HANDY and Sarasota Magazine Awards and a Best Plays Citation. Listen to this one of a kind talent talk about her early life, her commitment to creativity in all of its forms, collaboration instead of competition and encouraging creative humans wherever she finds them. And come see her in the Freefall theatre production of Sondheim on Sondheim. Also hear her singing a cut from the original cast album of Sondheim’s Broadway musical; Merrily We Roll Along in which she originated the role of Mary Flynn.

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  • Interview with George Tynan Crowley

    March 8 Audio Interview

    George Tynan Crowley had a mystical experience at the age of 7 when he spontaneously volunteered to read the prayer at communion and knew that he was meant to “speak out.” From then on he followed this path to speak out by becoming a versatile, talented actor, director, writer, and producer. Listen to this charming, articulate man talk about his work in theater and film, his belief in the power of theater to transform lives and his personal philosophy of life. Come see his powerful performance in the meaningful and beautiful play, Outside Mullingar, currently running at Florida Studio Theater and listen to Sharon Leslie’s review of the play.

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  • Interview with Kathryn Parks and Allen Kretchmar

    Sept 1, 2015 – Audio Interview with Kathryn Parks and Allen Kretchmar

    Dancer, singer, actor, writer Kathryn Parks is part of the stand out cast in Tennessee Williams ground-breaking play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Players Theater. Listen to this talented, articulate woman talk about her life, her work and her role as Maggie the Cat, in which she gets to express aspects of herself which she might otherwise keep under wraps. And find out more about her at her website http://kathrynparks.com. Then Allen Kretchmar, who will be playing the patriarch, ‘Big Daddy,’ in the same production, talks the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and the roller coaster ride he’s taken to finally wind up back where he started and always wanted to be – on stage.

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  • Audio Interview with Mike and Bonnie Hartley

    4-21-15 Audio Interview

    Mike and Bonnie Hartley, alias Thomas Maurin, have written their first novel, a thrilling thriller called Broken Trust, the first of a trilogy. In her interview Bonnie describes her unusual life, her many careers and the circuitous route she took to becoming a novelist. Although I didn’t record most of my interview with Mike, I did get him to read from Broken Trust and describe the prequel to the trilogy which they are also creating. If you read fiction. especially if you like mystery or thriller fiction you will adore Broken Trust and look forward eagerly, as I do to the next books. You can purchase Broken Trust at Amazon.com – but as Bonnie cautions there are a number of books with this title so be sure to specify Broken Trust (a 3 Musketeers book) by Thomas Maurin.

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