Interview with Stephanie Larkin – Dancer, Musician, IT specialist and Head Penguin at Red Penguin Books

1-24-21 Interview with the extraordinary Stephanie Larkin, who is the poster child for the adage when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Beginning ballet school at 2 and “adoring” it, Stephanie thought she’d be a dancer. An injury at 13, left her with 6 years of surgeries. Spending her teenage years on crutches, and unable to walk, altered what would have been the natural trajectory of her life. Nudged by her mother to purse another early passion, music, Stephanie began by learning violin. She majored in music, where she learned to “play everything.” She now beleived that her career would simply be in music, as composer and performer. But life had another lemon to throw in her path, a lemon which became another opportunity for Stephanie to discover how versatile she is. Listen for enjoyment and inspiration to the way this intrepid woman turns adversity into opportunity. Stephanie doesn’t make lemonade, she makes champagne.