Interview with Will Willoughby


Will Willoughby is a brave man. He might deny it. He might say that he had no choice, but that would not diminish the extent of his courage. Will says he was “different” from his family and most of his school mates in his home town in Nebraska. He suffered the teasing, punishment, ostracism and even torture of those who are uncomfortable with the “difference” of others. But even his family’s abandonment did not keep Will from honoring his “self.” And his strength of character – what he calls his “integrity” – helped him not only survive a dreadful childhood and adolescence, but become a joyful soul who, to quote his mentor, can “feast at life’s banquet.” Finding acceptance in drama class in high school Will followed his passion, luckily receiving lots of help along the way, and finally finding a “home” at Sarasota’s Florida Studio Theater, where he is currently stage managing the wonderful play “Savannah Disputation”. Listen to this inspiring story.