Interview with Lisa McMillan and Susan Greenhill


Lisa McMillan and Susan Greenhill are 2 of the very talented 4 member ensemble cast of The Savannah Disputation playing till Sept 4th 2011 at Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota Florida.

While still in Jr. High School Lisa, who was always drawn to words and language, spent hours in the garage of her family home making herself laugh and cry, by reciting monologues from Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams. Lisa was accepted into and graduated from the 6th class at Julliard – where they accepted 35 students but only graduated 15. Listen to her stories of fellow students like Robin Williams and Kelsey Grammer and the tragic story of one student who wasn’t asked back.

In Kindergarten Susan was drafted by some older kids (4th, 5th and 6th graders) to be in the musicals they were putting on. Susan knew immediately that she was “home.” Her parents however, insisted that she consider acting a hobby and get a real job. So Susan minored in Education in college and began to teach, but it only took a very short time for her to realize that it was not for her and she announced her intention to pursue a career as an actor. Susan is now and has been for many years a working actor, but she hasn’t become rich and famous. Very few are willing to be as open and candid as Susan is about her early yearnings and how she has come to accept her quite lovely life “most of the time.” Listen to her honest and very funny description of her struggle.