Russ Trez

1-22-13 – Audio Interview

When he was 7 years old Russ Trez saw the original production of “Where’s Charlie” with the remarkable Ray Bolger and that began his “entertaining” career. He wrote little plays to entertain his family’s guests. In the 6th grade he wrote a play about George Washington and the Cherry Tree which his school allowed him to perform for students waiting to take the bus home. A graduate student at Yale, he entered as one of 20 students and was one of only 6 to graduate. Then his career seems to have a life of its own, a year teaching at Interlochen Arts Academy lead to running a theater in Ashtabula Ohio. Finally making the leap to New York, his perseverance and his talent paid off. Listen to his delightful stories; how he got the “tree” for his George Washington play, how his attempt to lower the teasers by releasing the sandbags resulted in his being suspended several feet off the ground. And come to see his directing work at the Florida Studio Theater production of “Urban Cowboys” – which is the first to appear in its brand new Cabaret Theatre.