Interview with Jean Tafler

5-24-16 Interview

5-23-16 Jean Tafler didn’t discover acting until high school. Thinking it would help her overcome her shyness, her father suggested she join some clubs. Jean joined a bunch of clubs but it was in the drama club that she found “her people,” other “odd balls” like herself. Almost immediately the drama teacher recognized her potential as an actor and cast her as Puck in A Midsummer night’s Dream. Jean was hooked. This was a perfect choice, as Jean’s dad was interested in theater, especially in Shakespeare, and she was able to hear and understand the language – a skill she ascribes to her musicality. Not only did Jean have to wait to discover that theater was meant to be her profession – she had to wait even longer to “find her voice.” Thinking she was an alto with a tiny voice Jean was surprised to find that she was actually a soprano and fortunate to find a teacher who would help her find and bring out her real voice. Listen to this delightful woman describe her journey and come to see the result in the Florida Studio Theatre production of The Alabama Story.