Interview with actor Joseph Parra

5_17_16 Interview

5-16-16 Actor Joseph Parra discovered his destiny when he was just four years old. Having watched Shock Theater on television he was captivated by Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. He thought that what they were doing “looked like fun.” When he asked what they were doing – many people responded that they were playing, but that made no sense to little Joseph to whom “playing’” was something you did with trucks and toy soldiers. Finally his second grade teacher came through – she told him that they were “acting.” When Joseph asked why they did it, she replied that “it was how they made their living.” This that was something Joseph understood. And right then and there he knew what he was going to do with his life. Several teachers tried to dissuade him but Joseph would not be dissuaded. In this interview listen to him tell the story of his first non-professional role – that of a beefsteak tomato, and his journey to pursue his passion. Also hear Pamela Wiley’s review of Sweeter than Justice – in which Joseph appears as the “mob boss” and hear some of the original music Joe Micals composed for the show which will run till 5/22 at the Cook theater.