Interview with Howard Millman

1-21-14 Audio Interview

Howard Millman understood very young that he belonged in the theater, but his first generation immigrant parents couldn’t see how he could make a living in the theater, so to assuage their concern he majored in pre-law in university. A request from a professor that he take a role in a play led to the professor confirming that he “was an actor.” This confirmation gave him the courage to change his major – the very next day – from pre-law to theater, assuring his parents that he could ”always teach.” In some ways it seems as if Howard had a guardian angel sweeping his path; listen to the ironic way he lucked into directing plays for the army and then directing school plays as the Dramatic Consultant Prince Georges County Maryland. But it was a job as Civilian Entertainment Director for the United States Army that showed him his managerial abilities, and he used those skills many times to rescue theaters from the brink of disaster. Now in retirement at 82 years old, he is able to pursue his real passion, which is directing, and to “pick his projects.” His current “pick” is The Whipping Man, which he directed for the Westcoast Black Theater Troupe in Sarasota FL. Listen to Howard talk about this extraordinary play.