Interview with Lynn Goldsmith and Sharon Sokal

1-14-14 – Audio Interview

Lynn Goldsmith is impossible to categorize. She is Island Record’s recording artist Will Powers, the youngest woman ever accepted into the Director’s Guild of America, and the award winning celebrity portrait photographer of Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith to name a few. She has done over 100 album covers and was co-manager of Grand Funk Railroad. Her most current endeavor is a book of her photographs called Rock and Roll Stories. In this interview Lynn talks about how she became the multi-talented person she is, and tells stories of some of the famous people she’s photographed.

Sharon Sokal was given a “box camera” at 8 years old and has had a camera in her hand ever since. But she was raised when a woman could be either a “teacher or a nurse,” so Sharon pursued her other love, majored in English and became a teacher. Still she documented everything in her life photographically. When she finally bought a “real camera,” and learned how to use it she also accepted that photography was her art; her “visual voice.” She joined and became president of Photogroup Miami, a conclave of all of the photographers in Miami which provided classes, exhibits and lectures. Listen to the way in which she has enriched the lives of at risk kids in Miami and New York, using a program called Picturing Ourselves, and the ironic way she managed to collect the photographs which fill her current book Plus One: An Outsider’s Photographic Journey Into The World Of Fashion.