Day 3:57 PM

  • Interview with 95 year old Tap Dancer Shirley Goodman

    3-5-18 Interview

    3-5-18 Shirley Goodman’s father taught her to dance when she was a small child. Although the family could not afford to pay for lessons, teachers choose to teach her for free. Modestly Shirley says’ “I guess they believed I had talent.” She began performing at eight years old and she never stopped, listen to tell the story of winning the competition on the Major Bowes radio show. She was encouraged to go to New York and purse a career as a dancer, but she didn’t want to “give up her life.” She started a dancing school of her own at age 17, but closed it after 4 years to marry her childhood sweetheart and raise their 4 children. As she approaches her 95th birthday you can still see Shirley tap dancing with energy and passion of that 8 year old many places in Sarasota. Listen to this inspiring woman tell the story of an ordinary, extraordinary life

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  • Interview with Director Ashley Teague

    2-26-16 Interview
    2-26-18 Director Ashley Teague was born a director. As a small child she instructed her mother to let her enter Kindergarten on her own, and take her to an audition. Ashley knew instinctively that the theater was her place, but somehow she never felt the commitment/passion that others seemed to describe, until she saw a production which showed her what she was meant to do She abandoned a lucrative and prestigious career doing promotion for Hollywood movies, took a whopping pay cut, and created her own company where she does work that has meaning. Listen to this vivacious, interesting woman talk about her life choices, come to see her direction of The Rehearsal – the current production of the Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training – and listen to Sharon Lesley’s review of the show.

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