• Interview with Kevin Massey, Actor in Bonnie and Clyde the Musical

    Bonnie and Clyde the MusicalDecember 14, 2010

    Interview –Kevin Massey is originating the role of Ken – the good guy – in Bonnie and Clyde the Musical – which is playing at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota and expected to go to Broadway very soon, but Kevin never intended to be a performer. Like the rest of his family he was “very musical” but no one thought of “doing it for a living.” Really good in school, Kevin liked and did well in math and science, even attending college as a pre-med major. But even though he was told that “if you’re good in school why would you throw your life away a performer,” life kept letting Kevin know that performing was definitely his path. Arriving in New York (just for a year off) a month before 911, Kevin “instantly became a New Yorker” and a series of happenstances cemented his choice (at least for now) to pursue a career as an actor. In a very short while Kevin was a working actor, winning a role in Big River as his Broadway Debut and now almost certainly destined to return to Broadway in Bonnie and Clyde.

    I’m pleased to offer a sneak listen to some of the songs from Bonnie and Clyde the Musical.
    Enjoy: Music from Bonnie and Clyde

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  • Interview with Cathy Segal-Garcia

    November 2, 2010

    Interview with the extraordinary jazz singer Cathy Segal-Garcia. Hear about Cathy’s life long love affair with music, the interesting way she’s combined that love with her desire to “make communities,” and enjoy 2 songs from her CD’s, listening especially to her extraordinary voice and “artistic approach” to her music.

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  • Interview with Carol Ettman

    December 29, 2009

    In this show I am playing what I believe to be the last interview given by my friend, the glorious jazz singer, Carol Ettman. Carol was not only the consummate professional; she was dedicated to discovering and bringing to light little known but terrifically interesting songs. Carol was always exploring, testing limits and in every aspect of her life, she was also the soul of generosity. In this show I am also playing several songs from Carol’s CD and one tune on which we just have Carol on piano and voice – in which you can hear not only her skill but her spontaneity and joy.

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  • Interview with Nate Jacobs, Part 2

    October 13, 2009

    Interview – The second half of my interview with Nate Jacobs, in which he tells the story or his mission to create a theater company with and for “people who look like me.” I also interview another founding member of the troupe delightful, 28 year old Leon Pitts, who began to work with Nate when he was 9 years old, and who had no plans for his life until Nate convinced him to audition for a part and it was “lights, camera, action from then on.”

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  • Interview with Nate Jacobs, Part 1

    October 06, 2009

    Interview –The first half of my Interview with Nate Jacobs, Founder and Creative Director of the Westcoast Black Theater Troupe. Nate’s story is of a man who took a long time to believe what everyone was telling him – that he was a talented singer, dancer, actor, and story teller. For many years he told himself that “they were just being nice.” In this half of his interview Nate tells the often hilarious tale of his discovery and acceptance of himself and what it forced him to do with his life I also play an interview with gregarious and talented 26 year old Tsadok Porter, a founding member of the Troupe who began working with Nate when she was 5 years old.

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  • Interview with Kitt Moran

    September 01, 2009

    Discussion – Do you have qualities, capacities, abilities you didn’t know you had? Perhaps they are hiding Undercover while you just present your Cover Story – I will be taking about that in this show.

    Interview – with singer, writer, painter Kitt Moran, who knew at 3 years old she was going to be a singer – even though she didn’t know if she could sing. Listen to her hilarious tale of making a childhood career out of Peter Pan, and to the remarkable talent that was waiting to be released. As a child Kitt knew that she was born to be a singer, and she was right.

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  • Retrospective to Kenny Rankin

    June 23, 2009

    Do you know if who you are pretending to be is actually all that you are? In this show I describe how pretending to be who we think we are defines who we chose for a partner and how this predisposition stops us from doing things we would want to do. I also present a memorial retrospective to singer-songwriter Kenny Rankin who died June 7th at 69 of Lung Cancer. I play several of his own songs and several others which over his 3 decade career he recorded – and which had a profound influence on the music industry.

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  • Interview with Katt Hefner

    June 03, 2009

    How do you change a role assigned to you in childhood? In this show I explain that sometimes you can do it with the help of a sibling who is equally unsatisfied with his or her assigned role. Then I interview Katt Hefner a tall, beautiful and remarkably talented singer. Born into a family where music was an everyday essential and she and her brothers rapidly became a “band.” Katt’s story is inspiring and entertaining.

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  • Interview with Annie Morrison

    April 21, 2009

    Here I continue to talk about the families need for balance and encourage you to try the Small Change exercise to see if your family is balanced and in what way. Sharon reviews Murderers, and I interview Actor, Musical Comedy Star of the cult favorite Merrily We Roll Along, Druid, and self proclaimed Grail Maiden Annie Morrison.

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  • Interview with Sandy Bainum

    March 22, 2009

    In this show I describe my trip to Vienna VA and Washington DC – showing my dyslexia how made it doubly hard to find my way around a strange city. I air the interview there with singer/actor Sandy Bainum, and play two songs from her CD.

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  • Interview with Elliot Roth

    September 23, 2008

    I believe that this trick is self-explanatory. Our unconscious is often (for some of us it is always) playing background music in our minds. Surely you have experienced the song you just can’t get out of your head. This is almost always a message from your unconscious and when you learn to decipher these messages you get access to a new and very important source of information. In this show I air the 3rd pianist Elliot Roth, a 25 year old wunderkind, who is also playing since he was 3 years old and now can’t decide whether to focus on his playing, his singing or his writing. I’m sure that like me you will hope that he chooses all three.

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  • Interview with Carol Ettman

    July 22, 2008

    Because Past Dangers were often created in our childhood, we may have forgotten or be in denial for the events which caused them and therefore they can be difficult to identify. This show continues to explore the area of Past Dangers. In this show I also interview exciting Jazz singer Carol Ettman – the girl form the “land of yes!”

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  • Interview with Sharon Lesley, Part 2

    May 13, 2008

    After recapping the creation of a Cover Story I explain how and why we hide some of our most important qualities Undercover, and that these qualities which we have, but deny, can be the very ones we need to do some things we’d previously been unable to do. Using brief descriptions of two movies “Juno” and “Miss Pettigrew” I talk about the importance of strong female role models in fiction and then play the second ½ of my interview with Sharon Lesley, who is not only a powerful role model but has written three theater pieces which highlight the lives of powerful woman.

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  • Interview with Sharon Lesley, Part 1

    May 06, 2008

    Beginning with a recap of the concepts of Modeling and Anti-Modeling and talking about the dilemma of being an artist in this culture, this show goes on to demonstrate how the creation of a Cover Story stops us from doing what we would otherwise be able to do. It continues the series Anatomy of an Artist with the first half of an interview with Sharon Lesley, actor/singer/playwright/director, and includes cuts from CD’s by Sharon and her husband pianist David Ohrenstein.

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  • Interview with Michele Brourman, Part 2

    April 29, 2008

    This show begins with a re-cap of why we can’t change when we want to and introduces the concept of Anti-Modeling. In it I conclude my interview with Michele Brourman and play two more songs from her CD “Fools and Little Children.”

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  • Interview with Michele Brourman, Part 1

    April 22, 2008

    I recorded this show in Los Angeles. In it I discuss the impact of Modeling on our ability to change and begin a series of interviews called Anatomy of An Artist, with the first half of an interview with Michele Brourman, singer/composer/arranger/producer – and play two songs from her CD “Fools and Little Children”. In it I also talk about my trip to LA and my presentation at the Phillips Graduate Institute Therapists Conference.

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