Interview with Esta Cassaway

10/23/12 – Interview

Like Austin, Sheilah and Preston, Esta Cassway knew she was an artist by the time she was 3, and she has the sketches to prove it. But the fine arts – she is an accomplished, represented and purchased painter and print maker – were not enough to satisfy Esta, who is also a singer, a lyricist, a published author and most recently the memoirist of her deceased father. Listen to this extraordinary story of Esta’s attempt to learn about her charming, larger than life father whose history remains a mystery to this day but whose spirit continues to make itself known in the most dramatic ways. Hear Esta describe how she came to believe that her father wanted his story told and how he participated in its telling. Her book, aptly titled Ghost Daddy, was recently published by XLibris and is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book. Go to Esta’s website to learn more about this amazing journey; listen to Daddy’s voice and get a copy for yourself.