• Interview with Kevin Morrow

    1-15-13 – Audio Interview

    Kevyn Morrow is an actor, dancer, singer, director and choreographer, who hit the ground running. Seen performing as an all American College Band Dancer at Disneyland, he got an audition and his first professional a job at 19 in the National Touring Company of A Chorus Line, where he worked with the legendary Michael Bennett, and again in Dreamgirls. He made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award nominated musical Leader of the Pack. And from there he has done everything, including music videos with Stevie Nicks and a background dancer for Ann-Margret and Cher. As a boy Kevin was interested in everything; and he was lucky enough to have had parents who supported whatever it was their son wanted to do – even when that was acting – something they didn’t understand and were concerned would not support him. He excelled in sports, played the violin and drums, and trained in ballet, and minored in architectural design. But it was the image of his older brother, saying his one line in a local production of Peter Pan, which captured his 6 year old heart and stayed with him. And it was singing, dancing and acting that became his abiding passion. Currently you can see Kevyn’s directing and choreographing skills on stage in the Florida Studio Theater (FST) production of Smokey Joe’s Café and his acting chops in the FST production of Best of Enemies. Listen to this charming, funny man tell his own story and hear him sing a song from a show he was in.

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  • Interview with Jeff Parker

    12-11-12 – Audio Interview

    Jeff Parker as John DickinsonJeff Parker began appearing in musicals as a youngster and although he did four years of actor training at California’s USC. But knowing that he could always fall back on ‘the family business,’ Jeff says that he “kind of coasted.” Then a friend set up a surprise audition for him at the theater at which she was working. He was hired and literally never looked back. Last year Jeff starred as the charming, erudite, if arrogant Henry Higgins in Asolo Repertory Theatre production of My Fair Lady at directed by 2 time Tony winner Frank Galati. This year he is back as – the passionate, erudite John Dickinson, who was the only member of the Continental Congress to refuse to sign the Declaration of Independence – in The Asolo’s production of 1776 which is also directed by Frank Galati and he is so convincing you almost want him to prevail. Come see this multitalented actor, singer, dancer, in this extraordinary production.

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  • Interview with Berry Ayers

    11/27/12 – Audio Interview

    Everyone in Berry Ayers family sang; his preacher grandfather sang to the congregation, his mother was a soloist in several professional gospel groups and aunt had a record deal. When Berry was 2 Mom and Aunt taught him and his six year old brother a song to sing in church and Berry performed 3 or 4 times a month from then on, learning along the way how to “work an audience;” how the little smile or wink would cause the audience to “go crazy.” To correct a foot deformity he was born with the doctor prescribed ballet or braces, Berry’s mother chose ballet (even though their Baptist religion frowned on it) and Berry has been singing, dancing, writing, acting, choreographing and directing ever since.

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  • Interview with Sheilah Rae

    10/9/12 –Interview with Sheilah Rae

    Like Austin Sheilah Rae also found her life path very young, when at 5 she saw her first musical. During the performance of “South Pacific” Sheilah told her mother that she was “going to do that.” Sheilah’s parents believed that “if you were going to do something you had to have the best teacher,” so when 5 year old Sheilah wanted dance lessons they arranged for her to study with the renowned Edna McRae. Ms McRae also required that her students know music, so 6 year old Sheilah began piano lessons and was soon studying dance, piano, music theory at the Chicago Conservatory of Music and violin. Continuing to benefit from family support, inherent talent and luck Sheilah also got her first role on Broadway in “Fiddler on the Roof” right out of college. Listen to this effervescent woman talk about a career in which she has done everything including write musicals like “Funny You Don’t look like a Grandmother!” and “I Married Wyatt Earp.” And listen to songs from “Earp” with lyrics by Sheilah and music by composer Michele Brourman.

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  • Interview with Rick Kerby

    7-31-12 – Interview

    Actor, dancer, singer, director choreographer Rick Kerby says “his life has been one big wave, which he’s ridden wherever it took him.” Opportunities did seem to pop up in front of him but Rick was always ready – listen to the charming and funny story of how he learned to dance for his college audition. While on a trip to NY with his college to see shows Rick courageously placed himself in front of the wave by walking into Actors Equity and, as a non equity actor, auditioning for the tour of Oklahoma. He got the job and never looked back. He was continually working. He toured and toured and toured in Oklahoma and The Best Little Whore House in Texas, he worked in Las Vegas and he taught. Today he brings that wealth of skill, experience and expertise to his position as producing artistic director of the Manatee Players Theater in Bradenton Florida, where on August 2nd and 3rd they will be presenting the premier of a play by Robin Givens.

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  • Tony Award month on the Lynne Show begins with Jeff Calhoun

    6-5-12 – Interview

    Nominated for the Tony for his direction of the Broadway Musical Newies (which has 8 nominations including Best Musical), Jeff Calhoun knew what he wanted to do by the time he was 8 years old: he wanted to be Dick Van Dyke, he wanted to be Fred Astaire, he wanted to dance on the Carol Burnett show; he wanted to be a dancer! It was “in his DNA.” And, as if it was meant to be, a series of circumstances propelled him on the path to becoming not only a dancer but a choreographer and a director of musicals like Jekyll and Hyde, Grease, Big River, Bonnie and Clyde – The Musical, 9-5 The Musical and many more. Listen to unexpected way he became the protege of the amazing Tommy Tune. And the remarkable series of happenstance’s that led to his working with such luminaries as Bob Hope, and Dolly Parton. Then hear one of the songs from Newsies wonderful score by Alan Menken and Jack Feldman.

    Anything Goes featuring Jeff CalhounDolly Parton and Jeff Calhoun



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  • Interview with Noah Racey

    4-10-12 –Interview

    When he was just three years old Noah Racey’s Dad gave him a snare drum and was stunned to hear, within the first week, his infant drummer playing an entire John Phillip Souza album. Discovering a place to put his excessive energy and deriving a feeling of belonging and pride at being allowed – by age six – to play with his father’s drum circle, Noah put his foot on the path that would define his life; a life that has grown to include tap dancing, acting, and the creation of his own company of triple threat performers, all in the service of storytelling.

    Noah has danced in or choreographed for Fine and Dandy, Curtains with David Hyde Pierce, Busker Alley, Where’s Charley?, Babes in Arms, Do Re Mi, Never Gonna Dance, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Baby and Johnny Project, and Look Ma, I’m Dancin’!, among others. In 2012 he will appear in 1776 at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota as well as debuting his original dance creation “Pulse” which will directed by Jeff Calhoun.

    But perhaps the thing that most defines Noah Racey is his love of his life, his passion for his work, his spontaneity and his exuberance. Listen to the roller coaster ride of joy and fun that is Noah Racey, and watch his tap dancing magic.

    [youtube vaK_qcY66g4 604 364 autoplay=0 ]

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  • Interview with Katherine Michelle Tanner


    Katherine Michelle Tanner is one of the lucky ones; with an actress mother, artist father and concert pianist grandmother, she grew up surrounded by, and encouraged to, experience the all of the arts. As a result she’s played with and mastered virtually all of them; a dancer, who convinced her ballet master to take her on before she reached the mandatory age, a pianist, violinist, artist, singer and actor, Katherine is currently part of the ensemble cast of Next Fall at Florida Studio Theater. Listen to Katherine talk about the intricacies of this play – it will make you want to run out and see it and her.

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  • Interview with Peter Amster

    2-21-12 – Interview

    Four year old Peter Amster decided that if Peter Pan could fly so could he and he had to be restrained from jumping out of the window. From then on he never stopped pushing his limits. Although he was to discover that his body was not designed to dance, he became a passionate dancer and choreographer. Although he says he wasn’t a very good actor – he nonetheless got work, and finally although already a working director – he questioned his technique and expanded his skill. Peter is not only a triple threat; he is a charming, delightful and funny man. Listen to his remarkable journey and go see his direction of Noel Coward’s Fallen Angel at the Asolo Repertory Theatre.

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  • Interview with Jeffrey Kin

    2-14-12 – Interview

    Jeffrey Kin is a sextuple threat! He sings, he dances, he acts, he writes, he directs, he produces and all this while guiding the fate of Sarasota’s community theater – The Players. A farm boy who discovered as a small child that he was a performer, Jeffrey pursued his chosen field with a vengeance and now brings all of the knowledge and skill he’s garnered to The Players production of A Chorus Line, which opens on Feb 16th and which he not only directs acts in as well. Listen to this charming, dedicated, funny man talk about his life and work and hear a special song from A Chorus Line.

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  • Jeff Calhoun and Bonnie and Clyde – The Musical

    Bonnie and Clyde, the Musical will open on Broadway December 1, 2011. In the weeks before the opening I will be re broadcasting interviews I did with the stars and the creative team when they worked on the show at the Asolo Theater in Sarasota FL., and adding new interviews. First up is my interview with the multi-talented, wonderfully engaging and generous director of Bonnie and Clyde The Musical, Jeff Calhoun.

    Interview with Jeff Calhoun 10-18-11 – By the time he was 8 years old Jeff Calhoun knew what he wanted to do: he wanted to be Dick Van Dyke, he wanted to be Fred Astaire, he wanted to dance with the Ernie Flat dancers on the Carol Burnett show; he wanted to be a dancer! It was “in his DNA.” And, as if it was meant to be, a series of circumstances propelled him on the path to becoming a dancer, choreographer and director of musicals. Listen to unexpected way he became the protégé of the amazing Tommy Tune and the remarkable series of happenstance’s that led to his directing such musicals as Jekyll and Hyde, Grease, Big River and most recently Bonnie and Clyde – The Musical, which will open on Broadway this December. Then hear one of the songs from Don Black and Frank Wildhorn’s wonderful score.

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  • Interview with Stephanie Shine


    Stephanie Shine began dance class at three years old because the doctor said it would straighten her “wobbly ankle.” No one expected it to it to be the genesis of a life’s work. The mini-musicals she danced and sang in at the Linkletter Tot n Tot studio, and seeing musicals like Peter Pan, cemented her ambition to make a life in the theater. And seeing Franco Zeffirelli’s film Romeo and Juliet began a lifelong love affair with Shakespeare. Stephanie has worked as an actor and director and spent 25 years as the artistic director of the Seattle Shakespeare Company Stephanie met Sunny Thomson (listen to Sunny’s interview next week), and became the director of Sunny’s one woman show called Forever Blond, an homage to Marilyn Monroe. Listen to Stephanie’s description of the passion she and Sunny share to honor Marilyn Monroe on stage and hear Sunny bring Marilyn to life in a few of the songs from the show.

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  • Interview with Jeff Calhoun

    5-31-11 Interview

    By the time he was 8 years old Jeff Calhoun knew what he wanted to do: he wanted to be Dick Van Dyke, he wanted to be Fred Astaire, he wanted to dance with the Ernie Flat dancers on the Carol Burnett show. He wanted to be a dancer! It was “in his DNA.” And, as if it was meant to be, a series of circumstances propelled him on the path to dancer, choreographer and director of musicals. Listen to unexpected way he became the protege of the amazing Tommy Tune and the remarkable series of happenstance’s that led to his directing such musicals as Jekyll and Hyde, Grease, Big River and most recently Bonnie and Clyde – The Musical, which is scheduled to open on Broadway this fall/winter. Then hear one of the songs from Frank Wildhorn’s wonderful score for Bonnie and Clyde sung by Jeremy Jordon as Clyde and Laura Osnes as Bonnie.

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  • Interview with Betty Garrett Part 2

    Interview with Betty Garrett Part 2

    The second half of my interview begins with Betty talking about the impact that her husband’s decision to talk to the House on Un-American Activities Committee had on their lives. She describes the rejection they experienced and how it caused them to create a cabaret act which they toured in Europe and Las Vegas – where ironically the blacklist didn’t exist. She also talks about their courtship and marriage (she doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but that’s what happened); and describes her first hand experience with the dictatorial nature of the movie studio system. Listen to the life of a courageous, creative and candid woman and hear her singing with Gene Kelly, Jimmy Durante and her husband Larry Parks.

    [youtube 99uyasP7XaI]

    [youtube ghmJI4VdNI4]

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  • Interview with Betty Garrett Part 1

    4-5-11 – ­Memorial for Betty Garrett – Part 1

    Betty Garrett – was truly a singleton. A protege of Danny Kay, she starred on Broadway, capered on film with Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Mickey Rooney and Red Skelton, made us laugh in Laverne and Shirley and It’s All in the Family, and was always a kind, loving, generous, accessible, friend. On April 6th 2011 at the forum in LA, people will be celebrating the life and work of this extraordinary woman. For the first two weeks in April I will be replaying an interview that I did with Betty several years ago.. Hear her remarkable story and some of her music, watch clips of her – go to my website to see clips of Betty in some of her movie roles…

    4-5-11 – ­Memorial for. Betty Garrett – Part 1

    From the moment the Bishop told Betty’s mother that she’d “better put that girl on the stage.” professionally Betty seems to have lived a charmed life. Her first dance performance was with the Martha Graham Company; her first acting role was with Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater co. She did everything from dancing in the chorus and a sort or strip tease at the 1939 World’s Fair, to performing and staring in Cabaret, Broadway, Film, TV, and recording. Listen to her funny, magical story and hear some of the music she made over the years with Milton Berle, Gene Kelly and of course her beloved husband Larry Parks.

    [youtube g1hWEshsTuc]
    [youtube zgTBN1dNzdA]

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  • Interview with Victoria Hulland

    October 26, 2010

    Interview with Principal Ballet Dancer with the Sarasota Ballet Co, Victoria Hulland.

    In this show I also include NY theater reviews of “Million $ Quartet”, “Memphis” and ” Freud’s Last Session”

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  • Interview with Yalima Franco

    October 19, 2010

    Interview – Yaima Franco was only interested in her school studies and not the ballet class her parents took her to at age 8. At age 13, however, she realized that “she could do this” and so began an interest that grew into a passion. At 18 she auditioned for the Cuba Nation Ballet Co, where only 2 would be chosen. Yaima was told that she was great but had to lose 15 pounds in a month. She did this by eating only fruit and tea. Listen to Yalima’s story of the couples escape and her happy ending as mother of her 3 year old daughter and teacher of the students in the Sarasota Ballet Company

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  • Interview with Octavio Martin

    October 12, 2010

    Octavio Martin is a principal dancer in the Sarasota Ballet Company, but before he could find his way to Sarasota, Octavio first had to escape (with his wife – whose story you will hear next week) from the clutches of the Cuban Ballet Co. Listen to the hair-raising story of their escape, his mission to assure boys that they can be both masculine and Ballet dancers, his love of his new home, and as always his passion for the Dance to which he has dedicated his life.

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  • Interview with Margaret Barbieri

    October 5, 2010

    • Discussion – In this show I revisit the Family Pie exercise and explain how it can help to identify your Cover Story.
    • Interview – Margaret Barbieri’s journey to her destiny – a life of ballet – began ironically at the Dr’s office. Thought to be a sickly child of 5, her mother took her to a Dr. who prescribed exercise, and suggested ballet. Margaret’s mother had never heard of ballet, but dutifully found a class for Margaret, and in that class Margaret found her life’s passion. Listen to the series of happenstances which – without much activity on Margaret’s part – led her inexorably to the life she “was meant to live.”

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  • Interview with Jay Poindexter

    September 7, 2010 Jay Poindexter

    Jay Poindexter is a performer but he didn’t know it. A “good kid” he did what was expected of him. He participated in extra curricular activities, like band and gymnastics, but had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. Although he was cast as the prince in a grade school production of Cinderella, Jay remembers that “he didn’t mind it.” Later in high school “on a whim” he auditioned for The Gollywogs, a company of players who entertained at the local Mall, but this too didn’t capture him. When his band director encouraged him to audition for the senior musical; Guys and Dolls and he was cast as Nicely Nicely, “something sparked.” He knew what he was meant to do, but the path wasn’t simple. First he had to honor his step-father’s request to enter military service – it didn’t work. And finally Jay was able to endure the disapproval of his parents and step parents and be who he is. Listen to this inspiring story and especially the hilarious recounting of his audition for Cats – his very first real acting job.

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