Interview with Joey Panek

1-13-15 Audio Interview

Untrained, but with plenty of raw talent, Joey Panek spent his early career as an actor, singer and dancer. When work became scarce, realizing that he didn’t have the skills to make money in the down times, he returned to school and got a degree in video production. Today Joey is impossible to categorize; he still acts, sings and dances on stage, in his cabaret act, and as a popular MC; he is a TV personality, appearing regularly on ABC 7; he is a media personality with a significant on line presence where he has a popular video blog (check him out at; he and Christine Alexander have created various ways bring their improvisation skills to coaching, consulting and just plain bringing laughter. Listen to this joyful, exuberant man talk about what it is like to have a life which doesn’t have a simple definition and just keeps expanding. And come see him and Christine host this year’s Iconcept – the fund raiser for the Sarasota Art Center.