• Interview with Danny Scheie

    January 18, 2011

    Interview – Danny Scheie (pronounced Shay) was 4 or 5 years old when his parents took him to see Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins and when he saw her dancing with a cartoon penguin he thought “I must do that!” When family friends asked him to sing a song, he sang the entire score of a show, so Danny was a performer from the very beginning. Although his parents tried to dissuade him from a career as an actor, Danny says that even as a little kid Danny he was “driven to perform.” At present Danny is appearing as Valere in the Asolo Repertory Company production of La Bette. It is a role which very few people can play and Danny is brilliant in it. In this interview, Danny is not only funny and charming but thoughtful and philosophical, making this not only a delightful and endearing but terrifically interesting interview. For a lively discussion of the intent of the play, La Bette, listen to Bryan Torfeh’s interview next month

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  • Interview with Gil Brady and review of I Love You You’re Perfect, Now Change

    Photo from I Love You You're Perfect, Now Change, by Amy SteinmetzDecember 28, 2010

    Interview – Gil Brady is many characters in I Love You. You’re Perfect, Now Change which has been so successful at the Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota that they have had to extend it. But Gil like Kevin and Jeremy didn’t intend to be a performer. Like his siblings, little Gil (the baby boy of the family) danced and sang to entertain his parents, but he loved to draw and sketch and thought that would be his life. Then one day his interest in drawing simply disappeared. Gil’s family moved when he was in the 7th grade and, to help him “make friends,” his mother enrolled him in an acting class. By the end of his first year there Gil “knew,” this was for him, but it wasn’t an easy ride. A big fish in his hometown pond, Gil was confronted by many challenges when he went off to university – where they treated the students as though they were in “boot camp.” Listen to Gil’s determined struggle to overcome his physical and emotional difficulties, and find himself at a very young age a working actor.

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  • Interview with Actor and Singer Jeremy Jordan

    Photo from Bonnie and Clyde the Musical - by Frank AturaDecember 21, 2010

    Interview – Jeremy Jordan is originating the role of charismatic bad boy Clyde Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde the Musical, but like Kevin he didn’t expect to live his life as an actor. From the beginning Jeremy could sing and his Mom suggested he audition for shows at the community theater, but his first auditions were “horrible” and he “couldn’t even get cast in Peter Pan or Oliver Twist.” But he didn’t mind because he was a really good student and thought he was going to be an engineer. Just before his junior year in high school Jeremy attended a prestigious conference to jump-start his engineering career and realized that he had no interest in the field. As he says, “when you go for your career and return remembering only a couple of pretty faces, you know something is wrong.” Not knowing what he was going to do with his life Jeremy let life lead him. He sang in chorus in school and was heard by someone who offered him a role in a play. Jeremy was hooked and knew that this was the life he was meant for. And it must be true because at 26 he’s already had staring roles in Grease and West Side Story and now, as Clyde Barrow, he is almost certainly going to find himself on Broadway again – this time creating the role he’s playing.

    I’m pleased to offer a sneak listen to some of the songs from Bonnie and Clyde the Musical.
    Enjoy: Music from Bonnie and Clyde

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  • Interview with Kevin Massey, Actor in Bonnie and Clyde the Musical

    Bonnie and Clyde the MusicalDecember 14, 2010

    Interview –Kevin Massey is originating the role of Ken – the good guy – in Bonnie and Clyde the Musical – which is playing at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota and expected to go to Broadway very soon, but Kevin never intended to be a performer. Like the rest of his family he was “very musical” but no one thought of “doing it for a living.” Really good in school, Kevin liked and did well in math and science, even attending college as a pre-med major. But even though he was told that “if you’re good in school why would you throw your life away a performer,” life kept letting Kevin know that performing was definitely his path. Arriving in New York (just for a year off) a month before 911, Kevin “instantly became a New Yorker” and a series of happenstances cemented his choice (at least for now) to pursue a career as an actor. In a very short while Kevin was a working actor, winning a role in Big River as his Broadway Debut and now almost certainly destined to return to Broadway in Bonnie and Clyde.

    I’m pleased to offer a sneak listen to some of the songs from Bonnie and Clyde the Musical.
    Enjoy: Music from Bonnie and Clyde

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  • Interview with Ghafir Akbar

    November 23, 2010

    Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Ghafir Akbar, thought acting was a nice hobby, he and some friends “put on a show” for fun, but a director saw it and asked Ghafir to audition for a play he was casting. Ghafir did and got his first acting role. Still he accepted a scholarship and spent 3 years at a prestigious university studying engineering, until realizing where his passion really was. Listen to the way life kept offering acting to Ghafir and the courage it took to leave school and follow his passion.

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  • Interview with Jennifer Logue

    November 16, 2010

    Discussion – In this show I continue to talk about our undercover qualities, why we have to put some of the most important things about ourselves undercover and how doing the Family Pie exercise can help you discover what you have had to hide undercover.

    Interview – Jennifer Logue is an actor, she has been an actor for as long as she can remember. She can recall her four year old self, doing commercials for her family, entertaining at the drop of a hat, pushing her brothers out of the way the minute the cameras starting to roll. Graduating from the 3 year “boot camp” at the Asolo Conservatory, and refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer Jennifer joined with 6 other Asolo Conservatory Graduates and started the Mad Dog Theater Company in NY. Listen to the passion, energy, and wit or this charming and talented young woman – get in on the ground floor of Mad Dog’s journey.

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  • Interview with Laura Osnes and Don Black

    November 9, 2010

    On November 19th the Asolo Repertory Company of Sarasota Florida will be premiering Bonnie and Clyde the musical which brings a brand new focus to the Bonnie and Clyde story. In my show I am airing interviews with Bonnie, Laura Osnes whose previous work includes starring roles in South Pacific and Grease; listen to the remarkable way Laura’s career simply unfolded before her and how she won her starring role on Grease on a reality show, and lyricist Don Black whose 1000 songs include not only To Sir With Love, and Born Free but too many others from film and stage to name…

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  • Interview with Kate Alexander

    September 28

    Kate Alexander is not only assistant Artistic Director of the Florida Studio Theater, but an extremely talented actor and director. She was not an outgoing or precocious child and says that no one would have expected her to become an actress. Even in college where she majored in drama her teachers “didn’t know what to do with her.” But although she couldn’t say exactly why, Kate had decided at age 8 that the stage was her destiny, and difficult and discouraging as her path was, Kate knew she had to travel it, and it has brought her to where she always wanted to – and knew she should be.

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  • Interview with Jeffrey Kin

    July 27 Jeffrey Kin

    Jeffrey Kin is the artistic director of The Players Theater a community theater in Sarasota Florida. The youngest of six from a farm family in Central Ohio, Jeffrey broke the family mold by being the “creative kid.” Discovering very early his desire to entertain and the charisma that would later make him so compelling on stage, Jeffrey was lucky enough to have a mother who saw that he “belonged on the stage” and “took care of Dad’s disapproval.” So Jeffrey was able to develop not only his acting, singing and dancing skills, but his play writing, directing and finally the administrative abilities that make him the perfect choice to shepherd The Players Theater’ renaissance.

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  • Interview with Jimmy Clark

    March 23, 2010

    Interview – Jimmy Clark is so much of a rebel, that his Mom cautioned him to find a work that he wanted to do – because he just wasn’t going to fit into any one else’s mold or pigeon hole. Lucky for Jimmy not one but many teachers who not only understood him but were able to coax and lead him towards the direction Jimmy needed to go; first literature and finally theater. Of course Jimmy is a wonderful actor. And his story makes you want to go out and take a teacher to lunch.

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  • Interview with Michael Joseph Mitchell

    February 23, 2010

    Michael Joseph Mitchell is a lucky guy and the Asolo is lucky to have him. The 3 roles he is playing in this Asolo Repertory Theatre season were to go to a member of the company who got a role in a touring company production of “Spring Awakening,” and in an open call audition Michael was chosen to replace him. Discovering the thrill of being on stage in a third grade Christmas play, and then being fortunate to have a teacher in high school “drag him into an audition for a school play” where he discovered “the only thing I really do well.,” and set the course for his life.

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  • Interview with Doug Jones

    February 16, 2010

    Doug Jones began his life in Costa Rica, speaking Spanish. He was 3 years old when his family returned to the US and to help him learn English they put him in a little drama class. He did his first play at age 4 and as he says “he was doomed.” This began a life in the theater and the creation of a very thoughtful philosophy of what it means to be an actor. A pivotal player in the Asolo Repertory Company Doug is always playing many and varied roles in their productions, but none as varied and demanding as those he is playing this season. The self-effacing, busybody Sipos is the delightful production of “Perfume Shop.” And the tormented Don Waldman – struggling to make peace with his experiences in World War ll, in the compelling drama “Hearts.”. Listen to how a pro creates two distinctly different and wonderfully believable characters.

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  • Interview with Kris Danford and Sam Osheroff

    February 09, 2010

    Discussion – One of the ways to discover the danger that might be stopping you from discovering the parts of yourself which you had to hide is to explore your Catastrophic Expectations. In this show I will discuss this concept and explain how to find your Catastrophic Expectation.

    InterviewKris Danford and Sam Osheroff are husband and wife, talented actors and co stars in two plays running in repertory at the Asolo. In Searching For Eden they play Adam and Eve. The first act takes place in Eden as they discover themselves, each other and of course are banished. This act explores the stereotypical differences between men and woman. The second act sees a modern Adam and Eve, no longer in Eden, trying to maintain their relationship amid the stresses of modern life. Five Years After is the story of a couple who find each other, fall in love and then fall apart. There are many interesting twists in this play which is done completely in wonderfully clever and poignant songs by two talented actor/singers. There is a special advantage to seeing a married couple play lovers and of course it is that they are – and so they bring to these performances something that no other actors no matter how talented can bring – they bring the truth…

    In the next two shows I am airing interviews with two actors who appear in 3 of the shows currently at the Asolo, as well as Sharon’s Lesley’s reviews of two of those shows. The very first English language production of “Perfume Shop” the play which was the source for the movie’s “The shop around the corner,” “In the Good Old Summer Time,” and “You’ve Got Mail,” as well as the musical “She Loves Me.” And “Hearts” and little known powerful play about Don Waldman and the impact that being a young soldier fighting in World War ll had on the rest of his life.

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  • Interview with Carole Schweid, Part 2

    October 27, 2009

    Discussion – Learn more about Uncovering Try the Who Am I Really exercise.

    Interview – The second half of my interview with Carole Schweid, which begins with the “era of children.” In it Carole talks about how the explosively creative mother of two manages to give both her family and her creatively what they require, and to do it with joy!

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  • Interview with Carole Schweid, Part 1

    October 20, 2009

    Discussion – Can you recognize your Cover Story? Do you know what qualities, characteristics, capabilities or skills you’ve hidden Undercover? In this show I talk about how this happens and describe the positive role of Denial.

    Interview – The first half of my interview with Carole Schweid, a founder with Nancy Diamond, of Play with Your Food, a truly unique theater experience. Listen to Carole’s funny, charming, disarming story. Hear her tell how she went from someone who was “dancing from the minute she could walk,” to the singer, actor, writer, director, choreographer, and producer she became.

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  • Interview with Nate Jacobs, Part 2

    October 13, 2009

    Interview – The second half of my interview with Nate Jacobs, in which he tells the story or his mission to create a theater company with and for “people who look like me.” I also interview another founding member of the troupe delightful, 28 year old Leon Pitts, who began to work with Nate when he was 9 years old, and who had no plans for his life until Nate convinced him to audition for a part and it was “lights, camera, action from then on.”

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  • Interview with Nate Jacobs, Part 1

    October 06, 2009

    Interview –The first half of my Interview with Nate Jacobs, Founder and Creative Director of the Westcoast Black Theater Troupe. Nate’s story is of a man who took a long time to believe what everyone was telling him – that he was a talented singer, dancer, actor, and story teller. For many years he told himself that “they were just being nice.” In this half of his interview Nate tells the often hilarious tale of his discovery and acceptance of himself and what it forced him to do with his life I also play an interview with gregarious and talented 26 year old Tsadok Porter, a founding member of the Troupe who began working with Nate when she was 5 years old.

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  • Interviews with Michael Donald Edwards and Jason Wells

    April 28, 2009

    In this show I air my interview with the producing artistic director of the Asolo Rep, Michael Donald Edwards, in which he talks about his vision for theater. I replay Sharon’s review of Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale, which Michael directed and about which he takes at length. I also air my interview with actor/playwright Jason Wells, whose plan Perfect Mendacity is about to open.

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  • Interview with Annie Morrison

    April 21, 2009

    Here I continue to talk about the families need for balance and encourage you to try the Small Change exercise to see if your family is balanced and in what way. Sharon reviews Murderers, and I interview Actor, Musical Comedy Star of the cult favorite Merrily We Roll Along, Druid, and self proclaimed Grail Maiden Annie Morrison.

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  • Interview with Dan Donahue

    April 14, 2009

    This show is dedicated to an interview with the remarkably talented actor Dan Donahue who not only stars in Inventing Van Gogh but also Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple, and Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale. And, right before this interview had played them back to back.  Also hear Sharon’s review of Inventing Van Gogh – to hear her reviews of Devil’s Disciple listen to the 3/31show and to hear her review of Winter’s Tale listen to the 4/7 or 4/28 shows, in which she also praises Dan.

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