Memorial for Musician, Arranger, Trumpet Player Lew Gluckin

10-17-17 Interview

11-14-17 When Lew Gluckin was ten or eleven his father took him to see Trumpet virtuoso Louis Armstrong play and that experience dictated the rest of Lew’s life. He visited a friend who had a bugle and when he blew it, although he didn’t make much of a sound, he thought he could be good at it. He got his first trumpet at around twelve and not only taught himself to play, but over his career taught himself to arrange, copy and compose. Lew says “everybody knew me” and so in addition to the bands he played with, including Larry Elgart, Peter Duchin, Woody Herman, and Art Mooney, he was called on to play Jingles, Broadway Shows, Rock and Roll records and to back up artists like Liza Minelli. Listen to this funny, self-deprecating man talk about the career of a man who never had formal training and played with, hung out with, wrote for or rubbed shoulders with the greatest musicians of our time including Herbie Hancock, Mile Davis, Doc Severinsen, Phil Wood Jazz singer