Interview with Producer, Director, Author Rocky Lang

11-4-19 By the time he was 13 years old producer, director, and author Rocky Lang had fallen in love with storytelling and film making. He took his super 8 camera everywhere he went and documented everything in his life with it . Rocky came to his fascination with story telling and film naturally, as he was born into a prestigious show business family: his father was Film producer and screenwriter Jennings Lang and his mother was jazz Singer and Actress Monica Lewis. Jennings Lang had given Steven Spielberg his first film, and Steven became Rocky’s friend and mentor. Listen to this charming, talented man tell stories from the world of film and television and describe his most recent creation, the extraordinary book called “Letters From Hollywood.” and come to Bookstore1 (call 941-365-7900 for reservations) on Sunday Nov 20th to get a copy and hear him talk about it.