Interview with Norman Corwin – Part 1

4-19-11 Norman Corwin Part 1

The following is actually history in the making. In February I was honored to interview Norman Corwin who will celebrate his 101st birthday on May 3rd 2011.

4-19-11 – Norman Corwin has been called “the poet laureate of radio,” the Bard of Broadcasting, a “citizen of the world” “and “to radio what Shakespeare was to theater.” He is truly a national treasure. Listen to the hilarious “accidents” which propelled his career. Hear the story of his interview with world’s greatest ashcan roller, (who could roll an ashcan faster and further than anyone without spilling an ash,” and was the very first interview ever broadcast on radio, to the production, on December 15th 1941, of his radio play “We Hold These Truths” – which celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Bill of Rights and at FDR’s suggestion was the first show carried by all the network stations in the country. And was rebroadcast 50 years later on NPR in celebration of the 200th anniversary – and for which Norman says he was “still around.”

Go to my web site to hear this and other of Norman’s still stirring radio plays, with many of the most famous stars of the time: Orson Wells, James Stewart, Lionel Barrymore to name a very few.

The Plot to Overthrow Christmas
[youtube pckeK56C4cw]

Orson Welles performs “Between Americans” by Norman Corwin 1 of 3
[youtube _F-HnMh312c]

Orson Welles performs “Between Americans” by Norman Corwin 2 of 3
[youtube FU1v2r41Sbo]

Orson Welles performs “Between Americans” by Norman Corwin 1 of 3
[youtube NOoKNqqiySA]