Interview with Musician Zoe Lewis

3-7-17 Interview

3-7-17 Zoe Lewis says she never had any choice but to be a musician, she was simply pulled to it. Today she plays the piano, guitar, ukulele and clarinet as well as the washboard and spoons – often playing several of these at one time. Virtually constantly in motion Zoe sings her quirky, interesting, extremely smart and often funny songs, and spontaneously (she never has a script or a set list) tells stories, all the while attempting to interact with the audience. She is trying to build community and when you are in her audience you want to be part of Zoe’s community. She is also a traveler, she has been in countless countries and virtually all of the United States –“soaking up” the interesting sounds and stories of the places she is visiting. Born and raised in a tiny town in England Zoe benefited from the unconditional love and encouragement her elderly parents (her mother was 51 when she was born). She was endowed with the belief that should do and be whatever when found it in her heart to do and be. And what she found in her heart warms ours.