Interview with Multi Genre singer Katt Heffner

2-18-19 Interview

3-4-19 Multi genre singer Katt Heffner says that “music was coming out of the pores of her family.” Her father was in a band, her uncle Frank was a song writer, her mother played the piano at church, and they made every kind of music “from church to Doo Wop.” Katt and her 5 brothers “would take turns entertaining and applauding each other.” They soon became a band and their uncle Frank was their manager. Katt says she just “loves to play with the boys in the band,” and so it is no surprise that she has made a life with music, performing virtually every genre with virtually every kind of performer including the following Patti LaBelle, Ronnie Spector, Al Hibler, The Four Aces, The Count Basie Quartet, The Temptations, Sandra Reaves, Luther Vandross, Dick Hyman, John Lamb, Buster Cooper, Roger Humphries, Fred Johnson, Kenny Drew Jr., Richard Drexler, The Warren Covington Orchestra, The 42nd Street Big Band, and The Ybor City Underground Orchestra, the 16th Annual Moscow International Jazz Festival, Jeffrey Sexton. The 35th Birthday Celebration of the Clearwater Jazz Holiday,. Listen to this charming, talented, hard-working woman describe making a life in what we all know is a very difficult business and come see why these entertainers wanted to work with her when she performs on the Classic Stage as one of the Afternoon Theme Performers at the Sarasota Jazz Festival.