Interview with Lynne Doyle

9-23-14 – Audio Interview

In this week’s show I describe the concept of relationship contracts and how they keep people from making the changes in their life that they wish to make. I also interview actor Lynne Doyle. Lynne always loved plays. She vividly remembers going to see a performance of Carousel when she was ten years old, but she didn’t pursue theater in school because she just didn’t feel like one of the “theater kids,” and anyway she was also drawn to, and good, at athletics. Then there was getting married and having children. Her son’s interest in theater got her involved in the Columbus Children’s Theater and when he went off to college she auditioned there (they used adults as well). Listen her describe how her son’s courage to go back for a second audition after not being cast in his first, gave her the courage to try again when she too was not cast at her first audition. Also hear her talk about her role as Amanda in the upcoming production of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie at the Players Theater, which is directed by Elliott Raines and opens on Oct 2nd.