Interview with Jeff Plunkett star of The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelky

8-1-18 Interview

8-1-17 Even in the 2nd grade Jeff Plunkett didn’t want just to read the story in class – he wanted to act it. To deal with his chronic ear infections Jeff’s doctor prescribed voice lessons and from the time he was 13 he not only studied voice but had small roles in his voice teachers Opera Company. Although majoring in biology/psychology in college (thinking he might become a doctor), Jeff took every acting role he could and by the time he graduated knew that acting, not medicine was his path. Listen to this thoughtful, intelligent man talk about what it means to be an actor and describe his role in Florida Studio Theater’s current production of The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelky. Jeff says that he was “graced’ but I think it is we who are graced by being able to watch this extraordinary actor become all the remarkably distinct roles in this extraordinary play