Interview with George Ball

July 8th Audio Interview

When actor, singer George Ball was four or five years old he could hear a song on the radio and immediately sing it. His talent was discovered by everyone who heard him sing. He auditioned for and was accepted into the Trinity Cathedral Boys Choir when he was just six years old, part of the Pittsburgh Opera Company’s chorus after high school and winner of a Metropolitan Opera contest. Over and over he was encouraged to pursue a career in Opera, but it didn’t feel right. Listen to the ironic way that an abortive audition for the Merv Griffin Show lead to a role in Jacques Brel is Alive and living in Paris, and how he learned the two roles which he would play in Jacques Brel, all over the country and much of the world for the next five years. Hear this articulate, self-disclosing man talk about how he evaluated what did and what didn’t appeal to him and how he achieved a career, which although not that of a star, allowed him to do his chosen work, and have a real life. Then listen to a cut from his first CD, Think of Me, which he is launching as he turns 80 years old.