Interview with Director Jesse Joou

2-14-17 Interview

2-14-17 Director Jesse Jou is in Sarasota for the second time – this time – directing The Drunken City, for the students at the FSU-Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training. Jesse is an alumnus of the Cherry Lane Mentor Project, the Drama League’s Directors Project, the Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab, and the Civilians R&D Group. He received his MFA in directing from the Yale School of Drama and is currently on faculty at the School of Theatre & Dance, Texas Tech University. While many believe that in order to succeed in life you must have a goal; know where you’re going and exactly how to get there. Jesse simply took the next step when it appeared and remarkably found himself exactly where he should be. He was thirty when he left his straight, well paying, comfortable job and went to Graduate School to study Directing. Listen to this introspective, interesting man describe a path that may not have been right for others, but was exactly right for him. And hear him describe the unexpected nuances in his current project.