Interview with Clyde Compton

1-31-12 Interview

Clyde Compton arrived at his chosen career of directing in a very unusual way. A “regular boy” of 12 who played sports and had no interest in theater, Clyde was smitten by a girl who happened to be in a school play, so he allowed himself to be persuaded to take a role and was amazed to find that he really liked it. Although he still thinks he may one day go to Law School or become a neurologist, in the meanwhile Clyde is delighted to be assisting established directors Gordon Greenberg and Peter Amster, in their direction of “Yentl” and “Fallen Angels.” Listen to Clyde talk about directing and specifically the different approaches taken by directors who have or have not begun their careers as actors. And hear a review of ‘God of Carnage” by Sharon Leslie.