Interview with Benjamin Williamson

April 15th Audio Interview

Benjamin Williamson is an accomplished actor. While still a student at the Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training he has brought his characters to life in the very diverse roles he’s played; last year in The Aliens and this year in Other Desert Cities and currently in 4000 Miles. Although as a boy he was captured by the movie Singing in the Rain, and a desire to be Gene Kelly and/or Donald O’Connor, Benjamin didn’t begin life with a passion to be an actor. He was a “regular kid,” playing sports, making people laugh, and making friends. Then, as a lark, he and his friend’s auditioned for roles as MC’s in a school talent show and Benjamin had the experience of “getting lost” in a character he had created. He has been “chasing the feeling” ever since. Listen to this thoughtful, philosophical man talk about his determination to be flexible, to evolve rather than make arbitrarily decisions and stick rigidly to them. And come see him bring the character of Leo alive in 4000 Miles.