Interview with Antoinette LaVecchia

6-3-14 Audio Interview

When actor Antoinette LaVecchia was two years old she ran down the aisle of the TWA flight that was taking her family from their home in Italy to begin their new life in “the states.” Little Antoinette found herself sitting on the laps of strangers and she can still see “the delight on their faces;” the delight that she put there. This memory became a guiding force in her life and today she is still dedicated to delighting audiences. Despite her immigrant parent’s certainty that this was not what their daughter should be doing, Antoinette’s commitment to her destiny was so strong, that it overcame any obstacle in her path. Listen to this charming, passionate, vitally alive woman talk about her work and come to the Asolo Repertory Theatre to see her in I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti to be delighted!