Interview with Actor Jordan Brown

2-19-18 Interview

2-19-18 I often talk about the impact teachers have on the lives of their students and actor Jordan Brown demonstrates this perfectly. As a boy Jordan was mostly interested in sports, movies and drawing when Mrs. Steinberg, his 8th grade English teacher introduced him to literature, encouraged him to be in a play and, seeing his talent “pushed him” to pursue it. Then Julie Shaw his high school drama teacher, who became a friend and mentor, picked up where Mrs. Steinberg left off. Listen to this charming, self-deprecating young man talk about his career and the influence these special woman had on his life. And come the Asolo Repertory Theatre where he is starring as Will Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love, and in the upcoming production of Roe to see the result of their perceptiveness. And hear Sharon Leslie’s review of Shakespeare in Love.