Interview with Actor, Blake Walton

9-24-13 – Audio Interview

Blake Walton desperately wanted to be an actor, but he believed that actors were “noisy,” while he was shy. He was good at everything; he could draw, play several instruments, run track, sing and dance, but while he enjoyed his success in these things, his desire to be an actor stayed a dream until high school when he was cast in the production of The Sound of Music and knew for sure this was where he wanted to be – this was what he wanted to do. Listen to Blake describe the many obstacles he had to overcome, the many times he re-invented himself. And hear him talk about his current work – a one man show called Leading Men, which he wrote and will be performing at Home Resource in Sarasota Fl, Thurs. 9/26, Fri. 9/27 and Sun at 7:30, and at the United Solo Festival Competition in New York City on Sunday Oct 13th at 7:30 pm at 42nd St Theater Row –Studio Theater Top Floor.