Audio Interview with Matt McGee

7-14-15 Audio Interview

As a boy Matt McGee would on a show for his mother, a nightclub performer. He’d copy sketches he saw on TV – with performers like Carol Burnett and became an accomplished mimic, he could “do anyone.” Although he performed in plays in school and “picked up some money singing” he didn’t take it seriously. His life-long interest in art caused him to major in Art History in College. For fun he auditioned for and got the role of Dr. Jekyll in the first college show. The Drama professors saw his talent and recruited him to give up become a Theater Major. Suddenly there was a lot to learn about performing and Matt dived in. Listen to the ironic way he got to play Carmen Miranda and how that influenced his life. And don’t miss his extraordinary performance as Mame in the freeFall Theatre production with opened 7/11 and runs till August 9th.