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  • Interview with Actor, Blake Walton

    9-24-13 – Audio Interview

    Blake Walton desperately wanted to be an actor, but he believed that actors were “noisy,” while he was shy. He was good at everything; he could draw, play several instruments, run track, sing and dance, but while he enjoyed his success in these things, his desire to be an actor stayed a dream until high school when he was cast in the production of The Sound of Music and knew for sure this was where he wanted to be – this was what he wanted to do. Listen to Blake describe the many obstacles he had to overcome, the many times he re-invented himself. And hear him talk about his current work – a one man show called Leading Men, which he wrote and will be performing at Home Resource in Sarasota Fl, Thurs. 9/26, Fri. 9/27 and Sun at 7:30, and at the United Solo Festival Competition in New York City on Sunday Oct 13th at 7:30 pm at 42nd St Theater Row –Studio Theater Top Floor.

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  • Interview with David Brunetti

    11-20-12 – Audio Interview

    David Brunetti’s musical ability came easily and naturally. He was only 5 when the church gave his family a piano and he immediately sat down and began to “pick out songs.” Despite his obvious musical talent David “wanted to be Al Pacino,” so he majored in acting, but although he tried to create a career as an actor he just kept getting jobs as a musical director. Finally realizing that he could combine his two talents, David created a coaching practice called Acting Songs, in which he teaches actors, singers and “regular people” to act their songs; to bring their songs to life. He wrote a book about his technique and while based in New York he teaches all over the world. Every year David teaches a master class in “acting songs” at the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training in Sarasota, FL. This year you can observe this master at work and benefit the Conservatory at the same time.

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