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  • Interview with Drummer Bob Fuhlrodt

    3-26-18 Interview
    3-26-18 Bob Fuhlrode got a drum when he was five years old and immediately he began, not only to play it, but to keep good time. He commandeered a pot to act as a sock cymbal and began to jam with his grandfather’s friends. He “picked-up” the piano and created an ”act” in which he moved from boogie woogie on the piano to drum solos, and with this “act” he won the Horace Heidt completion 4 times winding up playing at the Hollywood Bowl when he was just 11. Listen to how he accompanied 14 year old Johnny Mathis on piano when he was just 12 and all the other interesting stories of a life lived in love with music. Then hear how he discovered another passion. And come hear him play with the Don Stuart Band at the Phillipe Creek Gazebo on 3/29 at 12:00 admission is free but bring a chair or blanket.

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  • Interview with Betty Garrett Part 2

    Interview with Betty Garrett Part 2

    The second half of my interview begins with Betty talking about the impact that her husband’s decision to talk to the House on Un-American Activities Committee had on their lives. She describes the rejection they experienced and how it caused them to create a cabaret act which they toured in Europe and Las Vegas – where ironically the blacklist didn’t exist. She also talks about their courtship and marriage (she doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but that’s what happened); and describes her first hand experience with the dictatorial nature of the movie studio system. Listen to the life of a courageous, creative and candid woman and hear her singing with Gene Kelly, Jimmy Durante and her husband Larry Parks.

    [youtube 99uyasP7XaI]

    [youtube ghmJI4VdNI4]

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