• Interview with Gale Fulton-Ross

    6-25-13 – Audio Interview

    Gale Fulton-Ross is a phenomenon, she is impossible to categorize as she creates art in every possible visual form, she draws, paints and sculpts, she works in both the literal and the abstract, she’s turned her graphic designs into textiles; clothing, pocketbooks, pillow cases, bed spreads anything that requires a fabric now has a Gale Fulton-Ross design. And finally she is getting back to her first love, she is writing a book. But Gale is more than an artist – she is a deeply spiritual person who imbues all of her work with her honesty, courage and love. She says “I work hard to create the world I want to live in – my figures have dignity because I think that is what all human beings should have.” Gale has dignity as you will certain hear in this interview.

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  • Interview with Noah Racey

    5-21-13 Audio Interview

    When he was just three years old Noah Racey’s Dad gave him a snare drum and was stunned to hear, within the first week, his infant drummer playing an entire John Phillip Souza album. Discovering a place to put his excessive energy and deriving a feeling of belonging and pride at being allowed – by age six – to play with his father’s drum circle, Noah put his foot on the path that would define his life; a life that has grown to include dancing, singing, acting, writing and the creation of his own extraordinary company of triple threat performers. Come see Noah and his troupe perform the premier production of his very own creation; Noah Racey’s Pulse, at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota Fl, and listen to the thoroughly delightful, spontaneous, joy-filled man talk about his love of the work to which he is giving his life.

    Noah has danced in or choreographed for Fine and Dandy, Curtains with David Hyde Pierce, Busker Alley, Where’s Charley?, Babes in Arms, Do Re Mi, Never Gonna Dance, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Baby and Johnny Project, and Look Ma, I’m Dancin’!

    Noah Racey Dancing
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  • Interview with Tyra Abercrombie

    Audio Interview

    4-30-12 – Raised in an environment in which jobs, not careers, were considered appropriate and neither acting nor writing was taken seriously as a way of life Tyla Abercrombie nonetheless discovered early that she was a poet and that she was attracted to, and intrigued by performances of all kinds. Exposure to the classic movies she watched on TV to keep from being scared till her mother came home from work; a performance by the Alvin Ailey dance company at her grammar school; and a production of Sweeney Todd, captivated her. These experience plus the impact she realized she had on others when she read her poetry, stayed with Tyla and although she’d planned to study accounting thinking that it would enable her to “make some money,” she was finally able to honor herself and do “what she wanted;” which was to study writing and acting. And anyone who has seen Tyla on stage as we in Sarasota have been lucky enough to do (she is appearing in You Can’t Take it With You and Clybourne Park at the Asolo Repertory Theatre) is glad that she made that choice. Listen to the forthright, delightful woman tell how she did it her way.

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  • Interview with Berry Ayers

    11/27/12 – Audio Interview

    Everyone in Berry Ayers family sang; his preacher grandfather sang to the congregation, his mother was a soloist in several professional gospel groups and aunt had a record deal. When Berry was 2 Mom and Aunt taught him and his six year old brother a song to sing in church and Berry performed 3 or 4 times a month from then on, learning along the way how to “work an audience;” how the little smile or wink would cause the audience to “go crazy.” To correct a foot deformity he was born with the doctor prescribed ballet or braces, Berry’s mother chose ballet (even though their Baptist religion frowned on it) and Berry has been singing, dancing, writing, acting, choreographing and directing ever since.

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  • Interview with Vivien Kalavaria

    8-21-12 –Interview

    There is no way to categorize Vivien Kalvaria. Born and raised in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and having lived on three continents, Vivien has had too many careers to enumerate here. As a young woman she was the weekend news director for a television station where, because of sanctions, many things had to be done undercover. She majored in theater at Trinity College in London and opened several drama studios in several countries where she taught acting for 15 years. She wrote her first book about the things she observed “off the court” as she traveled the world with her tennis star daughter. And her current book “ i Built – the House the Internet Built” is the result of her experience remodeling her entire house spectacularly using only materials purchased on the internet. Listen to the charming, delightful and funny Vivien Kalvaria and go to my website to see the video in which she tells you how you too can redecorate or remodel your home without ever leaving it.

    [youtube FTkxubZb_yU 604 364 autoplay=0 ]


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  • Interview with Joanna McClelland Glass

    7-17-12 Interview

    Joanna McClelland Glass is a writer. Her play “Play Memory” directed by the legendary Hal Prince was nominated for a Tony Award. Both of her novels were published and optioned for film and she adapted both of the screenplays. Woman Wanted was directed by and starred Kiefer Sutherland, Holly Hunter and Michael Moriarty. But Joanna’s heart is in the theatre and her playwriting credits are much too extensive to include here. With all this talent and skill one might assume that Joanna had a privileged childhood and lots of training. No! Joanna’s childhood included an illiterate mother and an alcoholic father, who sold everything not nailed down to pay for his liquor. True to the culture of her time Joanna married young, worked to send her husband to graduate school, had three children very close in age and settled into the role of traditional wife and mother. It was not until, approaching 40; as the divorced mother of 3 young children, that she seriously turned her attention to her writing. Having announced that she was going to “try to support this whole thing with her writing,” Joanna says she simply had to “get kids on the bus and sit at the desk and do something.” And without any training – she had to learn the rules of her trade on the job – that is exactly what she did. And the quantity and quality of what her work is quite extraordinary. Listen to this woman’s inspiring story.

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  • Interview with Leah Napolin

    5-15-12 – Interview

    Playwright Leah Napolin is a multi talented, thoughtful and courageous woman who was singing, dancing, drawing and reciting the poetry and stories she’d written was by the time she was 4 or 5. In college she was bitten by the “acting bug” and discovered her interest in writing plays. Still she was to teach music in Venezuela (until the revolution closed the school), get married, have children and lead a “bourgeois life,” before getting her chance to become the writer she always was. Her friend Robert Kalfin who’d started The Chelsea Theatre Center in Brooklyn suggested that she read Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Yentl the Yeshiva Boy.. And after being “thunderstruck,” Leah found away to dramatize the folk tale. The production was very successful but she didn’t reap much of the financial benefit because of the roadblocks put up by Barbara Streisand (listen to that interesting story). Finally she was able to hold on to the copy write for her work and the play has found many homes most recently having finished a successful run at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota Florida (in which Hilary Clemens -see above- played the role of Yentl). Listen to Leah talk about her journey towards finding her voice as a playwright and a person.

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  • Interview with Corey Brunish

    4-3-12 –Interview

    Actor, Director, Singer, Writer, Producer Corey Brunish, says that he became all that he is in defiance of those who actively discouraged him. This is a remarkable story of a man who refused to listen when others told him who he could or could not be. A soft-spoken, gentle man Corey exudes a quiet strength that says I will decide who I am and what I can do and his life is the proof of that pudding. Listen to his remarkable journey, hear songs from one of his many CD’s and also a cut from the cast album of  Bonnie and Clyde The Musical which he produced.

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  • Interview with Larry Barrett

    2-7-12 – Interview

    When twelve year old Larry Barrett sang in his school choir he made a discovery which has informed his entire life. He discovered that loved “collaboration.” He loved to be part of something larger than himself, working with others to create something new. Luckily Larry has many skills which allow him to do this in many areas of his life. An actor, writer, director and producer of theater as well as a dedicated and talented chef, Larry loves to combine his various talents and passions. Currently he is once again combining theater and food by presenting an evening of The Firesign Theaters’ Nick Danger, Third Eye, and a classic dinner from the famous Delmonico restaurant, every Wed and Thursday in February. Listen to him describe this delightful event, his unique take on afternoon teas and the ingenious dinner parties he has invented for his catering company Simply Gourmet. Also hear a piece from The Outrageous Firesign Theater.

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  • Interview with Ivan Menchel

    12-20-2011 Interview

    Ivan Menchel wrote the script for Bonnie and Clyde The Musical. He was born into a show-biz family; his mother is a singer and his father was a stand-up comic. With an early life filled with writers, performers, comics, etc, perhaps Ivan would have been a writer no matter what, but it was the tragic events of his early life which dictated the kind of writer he would become and the kind of material he would have to write. The deaths of his three month old brother when he (Ivan) was only five, and his beloved father when he was 18, were the impetus for his very first writing and continue to inform his work to this day. Listen to this charming man talk about the courageous struggle he waged to integrate these dreadful events and the fallout of despair and depression that he was somehow able to turn into comedy.

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  • Rebroadcast of 1941 Radio Play – We Hold These Truths

    7-5-11 We Hold These Truths

    On December 15 th 1941, (following the bombing of Pearl Harbor) President Franklin Delano Roosevelt requested that Norman Corwin’s radio play “We Hold These Truths,” written to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, become the first radio program to be carried by all the network stations in the country.

    Starring Edward Arnold, Walter Brennen, Bob Burns, Walter Huston, Marjorie Mane, Edward G Robinson, Corporal James Stewart, Rudy Valley and Orson Wells, “We Hold These Truths” is a stirring tribute to creation of the Bill of Rights and culminates in a speech by FDR, in which he explained why the United States was going to war. 50 years later “We Hold These Truths” was rebroadcast on NPR to celebrate of the 200th anniversary – Today in honor of Independence Day I am airing this remarkable piece of history.

    You can also hear a pod cast of my interviews with 100 year old Norman Corwin by clicking here:

    Part 1

    Part 2.

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  • Interview with Norman Corwin – Part 2

    5-24-11 –Interview

    The second half of my interview with 100 year old Norman Corwin begins with his description of Orson Wells’ narrating “We Hold These Truths,” which Norman wrote to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights and which was rebroadcast 50 years later on NPR to celebrate its 200th anniversary. Hear him tell the story of the program he created for Election Eve, the year that FDR ran against Thomas Dewey, and his unwillingness to be paid for it because of his concern that he would “not be safe” at CBS if he declared himself a Democrat. Norman’s story continues with the description of his relationship with actor Charles Laughton and how this relationship lead to a career in Hollywood and the writing of screenplays for films such as “Lust For Life,” the Vincent Van Gogh story which he wrote for director Vincent Minnelli and starred Kirk Douglas. Finally hear a portion of his radio play “Between American’s – also narrated by Orson Wells. Also tune in Tuesday July 5th for the full airing of ” We Hold These Truths.”

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  • Interview with writer Steve Drukman

    5-10-2011 Interview

    At age 3 or 4 Steve Drukman discovered that fiction – something unreal – could change a person’s attitude and feelings. Of course, as he says, he didn’t have either the words or the sophistication to think of it in those terms, but the experience that showed him this irrefutable truth is still clear in his mind. Recognizing early the importance that words, ideas and writing had to him, Steve pursued several jobs/careers: acting, teaching, journalism. But while trying to decide if he was a “journalist or a scholar” a play “emerged out of his unconscious,” and he understood finally that he is a playwright. The Innocents, his clever and interesting play about the many possibilities of love, marriage and family is currently having its debut performance at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota FL Listen to this thoughtful, philosophical, interesting man tell the story of his journey to discover himself.

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  • Interview with Norman Corwin – Part 1

    4-19-11 Norman Corwin Part 1

    The following is actually history in the making. In February I was honored to interview Norman Corwin who will celebrate his 101st birthday on May 3rd 2011.

    4-19-11 – Norman Corwin has been called “the poet laureate of radio,” the Bard of Broadcasting, a “citizen of the world” “and “to radio what Shakespeare was to theater.” He is truly a national treasure. Listen to the hilarious “accidents” which propelled his career. Hear the story of his interview with world’s greatest ashcan roller, (who could roll an ashcan faster and further than anyone without spilling an ash,” and was the very first interview ever broadcast on radio, to the production, on December 15th 1941, of his radio play “We Hold These Truths” – which celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Bill of Rights and at FDR’s suggestion was the first show carried by all the network stations in the country. And was rebroadcast 50 years later on NPR in celebration of the 200th anniversary – and for which Norman says he was “still around.”

    Go to my web site to hear this and other of Norman’s still stirring radio plays, with many of the most famous stars of the time: Orson Wells, James Stewart, Lionel Barrymore to name a very few.

    The Plot to Overthrow Christmas
    [youtube pckeK56C4cw]

    Orson Welles performs “Between Americans” by Norman Corwin 1 of 3
    [youtube _F-HnMh312c]

    Orson Welles performs “Between Americans” by Norman Corwin 2 of 3
    [youtube FU1v2r41Sbo]

    Orson Welles performs “Between Americans” by Norman Corwin 1 of 3
    [youtube NOoKNqqiySA]

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  • Interview with Stuart Kaminsky

    November 24, 2009

    I am dedicating this entire show to what I believe is the last interview given by Stuart Kaminsky. Film scholar, professor, screenwriter, author of many non-fiction books about film and film luminaries such as Clint Eastwood and John Huston, Stuart is best known as a writer of mystery. He was a past president of the Mystery Writers of America; where he was awarded its highest honor, that of Grand Master. Many of us struggle to discover who we really are, not so with Stuart. He began writing as soon as he could hold a pencil, and wrote constantly until the day he died. His first mystery was not published until he was 40 years old and still he managed to write 60 of them. Listening to Stuart is indeed listening to someone who always knew and always was exactly who he really was. A unique voice is silenced, and we are diminished by it.

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  • Interview with Eva Slane

    November 17, 2009

    Discussion – You can discover so much about yourself by listening to the way you talk to and about yourself. We all have an ongoing internal dialogue – much of which is commentary on or about ourselves. In this show I give examples of the way that your inner commentary can highlight a Cover Story or uncover and Undercover…

    InterviewEva Slane, is the quintessential Patron of the Arts. She was honored this week by Sarasota Magazine as one this cities 28 most important people to the Arts. This is no small achievement in a city where almost everyone thinks of themselves as a supporter of the Arts. Eva has spent most of her 80 years dedicated to preserving the theater. Escaping at 10 years old from Vienna shortly after Kristallnacht, she and her parents finally arrived in New York City, the perfect place for a theater lover to land. Listen to how, in her late 70’s Eva has begun to explore her own artistic abilities, by participating in a writing project sponsored by the the Holocaust Museum in St Petersburg Fl, writing several short plays and even auditioning for a role as an actor. A role model for becoming who you really are, Eva is not only delightful but inspirational.

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  • Interview with Carole Schweid, Part 2

    October 27, 2009

    Discussion – Learn more about Uncovering Try the Who Am I Really exercise.

    Interview – The second half of my interview with Carole Schweid, which begins with the “era of children.” In it Carole talks about how the explosively creative mother of two manages to give both her family and her creatively what they require, and to do it with joy!

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  • Interview with Carole Schweid, Part 1

    October 20, 2009

    Discussion – Can you recognize your Cover Story? Do you know what qualities, characteristics, capabilities or skills you’ve hidden Undercover? In this show I talk about how this happens and describe the positive role of Denial.

    Interview – The first half of my interview with Carole Schweid, a founder with Nancy Diamond, of Play with Your Food, a truly unique theater experience. Listen to Carole’s funny, charming, disarming story. Hear her tell how she went from someone who was “dancing from the minute she could walk,” to the singer, actor, writer, director, choreographer, and producer she became.

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  • Interviews with Wayne Balcom and Terry Griffin

    July 07, 2009

    One of the most powerful obstacles that stand between us and the changes we’d like to make is the fact that we would have to break our cover story – in this show begin to talk about what a cover story is and how/why we create them. I interview two men who did what the good man does – which is went to college and established careers that could support their families and then luckily, later in life, became able to pursue their real love which is writing mysteries; Wayne Balcom, a versatile writer who can turn out New York based “noir” thrillers as well as his favorite Sarasota mysteries and Terry Griffin whose detective is like himself a retired lawyer.

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  • Interview with Bob Gussin

    June 30, 2009

    Its really difficult to change, to alter the role you’ve been assigned, and surprisingly we can be unaware of when we have really changed. In this show I talk about what it looks like when you have changed and the irony that we are often ‘the last to know.’ In the first of a series of interviews with people I met at the Florida Mystery Writers Conference in Sarasota FL, I interview Bob Gussin, who is an unusual combination of many different skills and interests the most recent of which is publishing mysteries.

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