• Interview with Duncan La Mont, Part 1

    September 22, 2009

    Something special I have dedicated the last two weeks in September to an interview with awarded, applauded, accoladed Duncan La Mont. A boy from the poverty stricken tiny town of Greenock, Scotland , who expected to spend his life in the mines, and found himself, although he tried hard to avoid it, playing with Henry Mancini, Tony Bennett, Bing Crosby, Benny Goodman, Paul McCartney…the list is truly endless. Listen to Duncan’s remarkable story, his wonderful music and his disarming sweetness. Duncan’s story to use his words is nothing less than “Magical and Spiritual.”

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  • Interview with Mike Moran

    September 08, 2009

    Interview – In this show I interview composer, arranger, pianist, songwriter Mike Moran (husband of Kitt Moran from last week), a year behind his wife, Mike decided at four years old that what he wanted to do was “make music.” Less supported in this dream than lucky Kitt, he finally gave himself to music. Listen to the lovely result of that surrender.

    Interview – Whenever I encounter a couple, both of whom make their living or their life with an art, I like to interview them as a couple. The Moran’s have been together 36 years and when you hear them talk together you can tell why. There is tenderness, affection, respect, and admiration in virtually everything they say about each other.

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  • Interview with Kitt Moran

    September 01, 2009

    Discussion – Do you have qualities, capacities, abilities you didn’t know you had? Perhaps they are hiding Undercover while you just present your Cover Story – I will be taking about that in this show.

    Interview – with singer, writer, painter Kitt Moran, who knew at 3 years old she was going to be a singer – even though she didn’t know if she could sing. Listen to her hilarious tale of making a childhood career out of Peter Pan, and to the remarkable talent that was waiting to be released. As a child Kitt knew that she was born to be a singer, and she was right.

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  • Interview with Michael Royal, Part 2

    June 16, 2009

    In this show I am playing the 2nd half of my interview with the musically talented and intellectually interesting Michael Royal

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  • Interview with Michael Royal, Part 1

    June 09, 2009

    In this show I air the first half of my interview with Jazz pianist Michael Royal, who is at one with his music as a person can be, having learned to play “by heart,” rather than by “ear,” Follow Michael’s journey from Tampa Florida to Minneapolis, Zurich, Copenhagen and finally back to Sarasota Florida, all along collecting the knowledge and passion that would feed his music.

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  • Interview with John Lamb

    March 03, 2009

    I talk about the legacy of childhood how it influences what we think we can and can’t do today and I Interview with Master bassist, John Lamb who played with the Duke Ellington Band talks about building a solo career.

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  • Interview with Lillette Jenkins-Wisner

    September 30, 2008

    Lillette Jenkins-Wisner is a one of a kind. Born in Harlem almost 85 years ago, she could play whatever she heard by the time she was three. The oldest of nine, her parents couldn’t afford a piano but her upstairs neighbor, who little Lillette would visit and “entertain,” offered her a piano if Lillette’s parent would give her music lessons. And Lillette took the financial pressure off her parents by getting scholarships to study music by the time she was 10. Lillette refuses to be pigeonholed; she plays every kind of music. She has been every country in the world following the soldiers as part of the USO in three wars.

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  • Interview with Elliot Roth

    September 23, 2008

    I believe that this trick is self-explanatory. Our unconscious is often (for some of us it is always) playing background music in our minds. Surely you have experienced the song you just can’t get out of your head. This is almost always a message from your unconscious and when you learn to decipher these messages you get access to a new and very important source of information. In this show I air the 3rd pianist Elliot Roth, a 25 year old wunderkind, who is also playing since he was 3 years old and now can’t decide whether to focus on his playing, his singing or his writing. I’m sure that like me you will hope that he chooses all three.

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  • Interview with Mike Markaverich, Part 2

    September 16, 2008

    Another clever trick which our unconscious uses to distract us from changes that we are not yet ready to make is the wandering mind. We’ve all experienced the ability to become distracted, forget appointments, telephone #’s or where we put the car keys; this is often the subtle work of our unconscious and until we understand it’s benevolent intention we may be wasting our time and energy fighting against ourselves (see civil war 8/26). The second half of my interview with the funny and talented Mike Markaverich chronicles his extraordinary and challenging path towards becoming the remarkable musician he is today.

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  • Interview with Mike Markaverich, Part 1

    September 05, 2008
    The next trick I pull out of the bag of our unconscious is our ability to forget to remember. Many of us yell at or criticize
    ourselves for this ability. In this show I demonstrate its usefulness and encourage us to appreciate it. I also begin a 2 part interview with my second pianist. Mike Markaverich was blind from birth and began his love affair with the piano at 3 years old by trying to duplicate what he heard on the radio on his toy piano.

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  • Interview with Henry Ettman, Part 2

    August 12, 2008

    In this show I introduce the Unconscious. I describe it as a friend and ally in our attempt to become all that we can be and continue my interview with Jazz drummer and educator Henry Ettman.

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  • Interview with Henry Ettman, Part 1

    August 05, 2008

    The area of feeling is large and complicated and required 2 shows to cover. In this show Carole’s husband jazz drummer and educator Henry Ettman.

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  • Interview with Dick Hyman and Julia Hyman

    July 01, 2008

    Continuing the theme of the Danger of Change, I talk about the Catastrophic Expectations of both failure and success. And interview Dick Hyman world famous jazz musician, composer of serious works as well as most of Woody Allen’s film scores and his wife Julia Hyman, who following her career as an interior designer, is now a is a world class sculptress.

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  • Interview with Michele Brourman, Part 2

    April 29, 2008

    This show begins with a re-cap of why we can’t change when we want to and introduces the concept of Anti-Modeling. In it I conclude my interview with Michele Brourman and play two more songs from her CD “Fools and Little Children.”

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  • Interview with Michele Brourman, Part 1

    April 22, 2008

    I recorded this show in Los Angeles. In it I discuss the impact of Modeling on our ability to change and begin a series of interviews called Anatomy of An Artist, with the first half of an interview with Michele Brourman, singer/composer/arranger/producer – and play two songs from her CD “Fools and Little Children”. In it I also talk about my trip to LA and my presentation at the Phillips Graduate Institute Therapists Conference.

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